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Nuclear Power In Iran, Uranium Enrichment And Nuclear Weapons

Tehran, Iran- Iran a nuclear power?  Chaos and upheaval has been strewn across the global media, heading often under breaking news however the biggest story within the Middle East is about progression, moving forward, centering around the construction of the

Fukushima Lesson on What Could Be Nuclear Power Crisis

Nuclear Power is back in the news today as Japan’s Prime minister Nato Kan, announces that Japan will be abandoning the 2010 plans to build 14 new nuclear reactors by 2030.   In light of the Fukushima Daiichi plant disaster, Kan

Question of the Day- How Soon Can We Phase-out Nuclear Power? Fukushima Forces Europe to Start Answering

Skepticism against nuclear power amongst Germany’s citizens has been growing, but since Fukushima politicians have been on edge as well. Political strategies appear to be universal, as Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany has done a complete 180 from last October

Nuclear Nation Revisited

Doing nothing would entail me sitting back and not responding to any comments. In fact I believe that knowledge and information are the best weapons against the ignorance that is slowly consuming our country. Haven’t you ever heard that people

Nuclear Nation

It’s been precisely a month to the day since the earthquake that led to the devastation of Japan, however mere days since President Obama ordered the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to evaluate the earthquake risk to every nuclear power plant

Debate Grows Around Colorado’s Proposed Uranium Mine:

A growing debate is taking place among western Colorado towns regarding the proposal for a new mill to process uranium ore—the main fuel source used in nuclear power. As part of the country’s search for cleaner energy sources—ones that produce