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Jill Kelley Speaks Out Again, Jill Kelley Breaks Silence AGAIN

Jill Kelley Speaks OUt

Jill Kelley speaks out finally regarding her involvement in the General Petraeus Scandal that conveniently came out just before Petraeus, aka the head of the CIA during the Benghazi attacks, was supposed to testify in court.  But really guys, it

David Petraeus Scandal Pressed by Time?

When the David Petraeus scandal first broke, I have to be honest I barely knew who the guy was and rolling my eyes said not again.  But than after a fortunate meeting I decided to look further into the David

David Petraeus Did He Get Pussy or Hide Under the Desk Like One?

Sure I believe in coincidence, but when it comes to the timing of this “alleged scandal” between the 60 year old male CIA director and the 40 year old female news reporter I have to say there are a few