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President Obama From Strong Leader to Slow Jam [VIDEO]


President Obama recently gave a speech at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner  and it included his characteristic humor and wit. I love to see high-powered leaders using the skill of comedy. Whether you think President Obama is a bad

FOX NEWS President Obama Enjoys Financial Edge Over Romney

obama romney

President Barack Obama’s re-election effort enjoyed a 10-to-1 financial edge over Republican rival Mitt Romney last month, out-raising the former Massachusetts governor by millions as President Obama stuffed more than $104 million into his campaign war chest. A nasty primary

Presidential Candidates 2012 Democrats, Republicans and More

Presidential Candidates 2012 Socialist, Democrats, Libertarian, Republicans all have Presidential Candidates Is it the media or the presidential candidates making this next election the hottest topic in the news?  The United States presidential election of 2012 is to be held

Up to Date Developments in the Debt Debate

American officials may have made some head-way in the debt crisis. Officials from both parties seem to have put differences aside for a brief time to strike some sort of deal to avoid an economic disaster. Officials have focused their

Super Congress in Old Congress Out

Compromise has become a dirty word amongst the United States Congress and our President.  The United States government has been based on a secure system of checks and balances. Its foundation is in place to prevent tyrannical leadership and protect

Osama bin Laden Represented Terrorism

“Al-Qaeda represents terrorism, not Muslims and we must remember this.” Ibrahim Aljahim, 29, of Detroit, said of bin Laden in USA Today, “He never represented Muslims or anyone else. But he did represent what the hands of fear can do

Donald Trump Products Manufactured in China As He Raves About Job Loss in America

Portsmouth, New Hampshire I have one question for you, were you ready? Alright you got me; I really do not care for Donald Trump after his recent onslaught about President Obama’s birth certificate.  Not because I am an avid Obama

Arizona governor vetoes controversial “birther” and firearms bills

PHOENIX, AZ— In an announcement made late Monday night, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the states proposed “birther bill” as well as another controversial piece of legislation allowing guns on college campuses. In a blow to the conservatives that control

President Obama Budget Plans

President Obama started as a mediator between Congress and now fingers are pointing at him demanding answers for a plan to cut the national debt for the long-term future. Republicans want to raise the national debt limit, but after our

President Obama’s Proposed And Reduce Deficit By $1.1 Trillion:

Barack Obama Proposes annual budget

President Barack Obama said that the annual budget he will be proposing on Monday will cut approximately $1.1 trillion from projected deficits over the next ten years. The president stated that this plan would give the nation breathing room while

House Republicans Unveil Massive Budget Cuts:

In an effort to eliminate $100 billion from the current year’s budget, House Republicans unveiled a spending bill on Friday that shows historic cuts in federal spending. The bill—which was pushed forward by the Appropriations Committee—calls for the cutting or

President Obama Calls For Spending Plan For High-Speed Rails For U.S.:

Taiwan High Speed Rail

In his budget plan set to be released on Monday, President Barack Obama is including a six-year, $53 billion allotment for a high-speed rail, in step with a goal he stated during last month’s State of the Union address—when he