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Herman Cain Continues to Blow Smoke Despite Scandal

Herman Cain Herman Cain first real scandal of 2012 presidential race In what appears to be the first real “scandal” of the 2012 presidential election, Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, is being accused of “Inappropriate sexual behavior,” an accusation that

Congress Super Committee Begins Deliberations

congress super committee

The Presidential Debate is a little over a year away and Congress has a new Super Committee in town. Discussions are flaring across the media regarding members and anticipated course of action of the 12 members.

Former Godfather’s Pizza CEO to Join Presidential Race

The next president might just make people offers they can’t refuse. Herman Cain, a popular radio talk show host in Georgia, has formed an exploratory committee to run for President. The conservative republican has never been elected to public office,

Newt Gingrich “To Save America”

To save America or not to save America?  When it comes to saving America the man with the plan, Newt Gingrich announced yesterday, May 11th that he would be entering into the Republican presidential field.  A former House speaker, Newt