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Angry Birds The new wave of big bucks media

Being new to the world of the smartphone, I have started embracing the ever-growing world of the Apps. These programs, found in any smartphone whether it is the iPhone or an Android phone, range from games, to business, fitness, sports—whatever

Google’s Android Smartphones Leak User Data

After taking a look at whether or not to buy a smartphone that runs under the Apple iOS system or Google’s Android, I think it is fair to say I am going to hold off on both. First Sony and

The iPhone 5 (or 4S)

Rumors have been spreading about the next generation iPhone, which is due out sometime this year. While many people are anticipating it this summer, since Apple tends to release a new phone in the summer, many reports are now saying

Google’s Latest Frontier: Google Android mobile OS or Apple’s iOS?

Google, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, are some of the platforms I use on a day-to-day basis in my line of work utilizing a laptop and a smartphone.  Whereas my great grandfather made some of the finest Italian shoes in women’s fashion