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Quitting Smoking May Be Bad For Your Health? Chantix Found to Increase Risk of Heart Disease

Quitting smoking is a struggle for many people. Some say it’s one of the hardest addictions to overcome. Hence, people were elated when popular smoking cessation drug Chantix hit the markets in 2006- claiming to work wonders with curving nicotine

Yale researchers find link between quitting smoking and gaining weight

WASHINGTON, DC— Researchers at Yale University claim that they have finally found the link between quitting smoking and weight gain. On average, when people kick the habit they gain up to ten pounds—a well known fact that many smokers cite

President Obama Has Quit Smoking

Obama Quits Smoking

Michelle Obama recently had a press luncheon at the White House with 10 reporters from various print media that cover her the most. Among the topics discussed was her husband’s smoking habit. According to Mrs. Obama, he had wanted to

No Smoking Anymore At College?

NO more smoking at College

Fortunately for those of us that strive to inhale clean air, the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation (ANRF), a non-profit out of Berkeley, has been working to make colleges and universities in the U.S. 100% smoke free for years. While many