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True Price of War Costs Human Lives, Forget Counting Dollars

Dust and sand, agitated by the choppers blades, dance in chaos around the khaki Bates boots, our boys doing all they can to shield their faces, for as they know the price of war in Iraq is heavy.  Sure the

Air Force Dumps Remains of 274 Fallen Soldiers in Landfill

Air Force Dumps 274 Fallen Soldier Remains In Landfill One cannot even begin to put themselves in the shoes of Gari Lynn Smith, the NJ widow who uncovered the United States Air Force for least 274 service members into a

Leroy Petry Awarded the Medal of Honor

The war in Afghanistan has been raging for years. Many soldiers have been injured or have lost their lives in the struggle to defend our nation. Recently, a soldier was acknowledged for his sacrifice and service to our country. July