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Super Bowl XLVI Touchdown Topics

Super Bowl XLVI Indianapolis, IN- A lot of topics are being discussed at this week’s Super Bowl XLVI.  From the level of football  the Giants are playing now to Tom Brady and Co. and will the Gronk play, to Peyton

Super Bowl XLVI Set

super bowl XLVI

Super Bowl XLVI is set.  The AFC Champion New England Patriots led by Tom Brady will play the NFC Champion New York Giants led my Eli Manning, ironically, “In the house that Peyton built.”  There is a lot to like

The Road to Super Bowl 46

As we approach this final Championship weekend on the road to the Super Bowl 46, I thought I would break down the matchups and what we can expect to see on Sunday.  But first, let’s look at what got us

Highest Paid Celebrity Couples

Don’t you love it when rich people marry rich people? Me neither, but is it interesting to see what kind of money the A-listers are making out there. For example, when you think of a super-model, what comes to mind?

NFL’s Elite Quarterbacks To Meet In Super Bowl

Elite Quarterbacks To Meet In Super Bowl

There is no Tom Brady this year, no Peyton Manning, not even a Drew Breeze playing in this year’s Super Bowl. This year makes way for the younger guys, the up-and-coming’s or should I say the new elite quarterbacks in