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Old Age Orgasm? Hey You’re Never Too Old For An Orgasm

Old Age Orgasm Happiness, Sex and Senior Citizens Imagine an old age orgasm can save your grandparents marriage? Ok gross. No one wants to picture an old age orgasm. Most of us hope to live long enough to be considered

History of Thanksgiving | The First Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving celebration

History of Thanksgiving In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that would begin the history of Thanksgiving as we know it.  As we look back over the history of Thanksgiving we can see that

Thanksgiving for Vegetarians


Happy Thanksgiving Vegetarians! With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, millions of Americans are planning much-anticipated activities during their time off—whether it being shopping or just relaxing with family, it should be a time where we can at least be thankful

Immigration Bill in Alabama Passes

Alabama passes immigration Bill

Apparently, Alabama’s new immigration bill (HB 56) is causing quite a bit of controversy down south.  Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, who signed the law back in June, said it would not have been needed “if the federal government would have

Halloween Activities | Corn Maze Go Ahead Get Lost

Halloween Corn Maze Halloween Activities for all ages Looking for Halloween activities to do such as a corn maze, trick or treating or pumpkin picking? Halloween is one of those holidays where it can often be all about the children

Student Loan Debt Near $1 Trillion

I couldn’t believe this as I was typing it: One Trillion Dollars. This is one of those numbers that you either hear about from economists regarding the national debt or maybe a ransom number from a celebrity evil genius. I

Writing a Resume 10 Things to Avoid

Writing a Resume 10 Things to Avoid Putting on Your Resume Writing a resume is hard.  For every job you seek, another resume has to be written.  Finding a specific job involves writing a resume selling yourself for that position.

Regular Bank Fees Equal Good News for Online Banks

Bank Fees Bank of America forcing customers to pay bank fees Regular bank fees might be good news for online banks, but what about those of us that want a physical place to go and get money? Not too long

Students Protest Tuition Hikes Across 15 SUNY Campuses

SUNY Students protest rising tuition costs October 5, 2011 SUNY students protest across campuses tuition hikes that shall occur over the next few years.  Joining in with those individuals at Occupy Wall Street, the SUNY students just need Twisted Sister

Wall Street USA No Longer Freest Country

Occupy Wall Street Occupy Wall Street Proves We Don’t Live In a Free Society: I wrote an article over a month ago exposing the Obama administration’s crackdown on civil liberties.  The piece begins with the assertion that “the United States

Occupy Wall Street Disgraceful Coverage

Occupy Wall Street Media coverage on Occupy Wall Street Occupy Wall Street has proved once with the help of  FOX News and The New York Times that both conservatives and mainstream liberals serve power: The mainstream media’s propaganda surrounding Occupy Wall

Talk about charming, Braxton Hotel in Washington, D.C. takes the prize

Braxton Hotel in Washington, D.C. takes the prize One factor everyone considers when taking a vacation or trip is their budget.  Whether it’s sightseeing, shopping or lounging at the pool, travelers these days are watching what they spend.  The last

Consolidate Student Loans CONGRESS!

Congress needs to consolidate student loans Consolidate student loans so that the future of America can exist Congress, consolidate student loans while your at it! As crazy as that sounds, I know for a fact that the majority of people

Air Travel Etiquette

Cheap fares and empty seats may soon be a thing of the past, and that means travel anxiety could go (gulp) up. As we all know, airlines have been famous lately for budget cuts and adding fees. According to USA

SAT Scores are Down

Anyone who was ever in high school looking into going to college knows what it is like to deal with those pesky entrance exams, the SAT and the ACT. The College Board, owner of the SAT, released a report that

World Trade Center Site New York and 9/11 Ten Years Later

World Trade Center Site New York and September 11th September 12th 2011 World Trade Center Memorial Opens, New York braces through terrorist threats Ten years ago a hole was carved in the New York skyline as two planes flew into

We Will Remember September 11 , 2001

September 11 , 2001- A day that will always be remembered. Some remember September 11 as the day a loved one was lost; others remember it as the day democracy was attacked. That day meant something to every American and

Pearl Harbor and 9/11: History Doesn’t Repeat Itself

It was a transforming event for the countless people who witnessed it, for our country and for the world. The date of September 11, 2001 will stand in infamy for generations to come, along side December 7, 1941, the date

Labor Day Celebrations, History and More

Labor Day Weekend 2011 History behind the holiday we know as Labor Day Labor Day is an enjoyable holiday- a day solely dedicated to relaxation and leisure. American’s are workaholics, so why is an entire day dedicated to not working?