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Teens Try Alternative to Cigarette Smoking: Mini Cigars

Mini Cigars Alternative to Cigarettes Unfortunately ‘alternative’ doesn’t mean better for your health. Flavored mini cigars are becoming in style among teens who may think that these are less harsh to one’s lungs or easier to consume than regular tobacco

Plan B aka The Morning After Pill Abortion Without a Prescription?

plan B pill

Plan B aka The Morning After Pill The Plan B pill is always a highly controversial issue because it ultimately comes down to the abortion argument. The FDA may soon relax the restrictions placed on obtaining the Plan B drug

Standardized Exams are Meaningless

Standardized Exams

Standardized exams are meaningless. That’s right, I said it. For years, we have been trained to believe that standardized exams like the SAT and ACT scores have predictive power in terms of academic success.  We pay hundreds of dollars to

Chilean Miners Feel Forgotten One Year Later

Chilean Miners One Year Later On October 13, 2010 33 Chilean miners were rescued after 69 days underground.  1,500 journalists crowded the surface, documenting the inspirational rescue of the Chilean miners.  However in today’s world, what is hot news today

College Costs Intense Despite Financial Aid

Financial Aid Reduces College Costs College Costs after Financial Aid known as sticker-price Just when you think colleges can’t get any more expensive, think again. It used to be that when people spoke of extremely expensive schools they were talking

iPhone 5 Will it be Worth the Wait?

  While most are still speculating on what the new iPhone will look like and how it will perform, I will make an educated guess and say that the next iPhone will be worth the wait. I have never owned