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Relationship, Bromberg’s How To

  I’ve been interested to write a series of articles about my take on how to do things. There are plenty of “how to” books and a seemingly endless supply of forums and reference materials on the internet, however, my

Tropical Storm Don Moves Across Gulf of Mexico

tropical storm don

Tropical Storm Don is moving across the Gulf of Mexico and is expected to hit Texas late Friday evening.

Ascension Day

Not only is Thursday, June 2, the time of one of two partial solar eclipses to come in the next month, moreover it is Ascension Day.  Ascension what?  Many church goers will acknowledge this day on Sunday however tomorrow is

Northern Mexico Feels Coldest Weather In 50 Years

Mexico gets cold storm

Northern Mexico has seen its coldest weather in 50 years as snow and freezing temperatures have crippled the area causing six deaths and thousands without electricity and water. Schools and factories have closed down with temperatures as low as 0