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World Trade Center Site New York and 9/11 Ten Years Later

World Trade Center Site New York and September 11th September 12th 2011 World Trade Center Memorial Opens, New York braces through terrorist threats Ten years ago a hole was carved in the New York skyline as two planes flew into

We Will Remember September 11 , 2001

September 11 , 2001- A day that will always be remembered. Some remember September 11 as the day a loved one was lost; others remember it as the day democracy was attacked. That day meant something to every American and

Pearl Harbor and 9/11: History Doesn’t Repeat Itself

It was a transforming event for the countless people who witnessed it, for our country and for the world. The date of September 11, 2001 will stand in infamy for generations to come, along side December 7, 1941, the date

Remembering September 11 New York, Terrorism and Media

Remembering September 11th for me is looking back over the ten years that has passed and growing as an individual, realizing what we are fighting against requires an entire country to stand together, not to be afraid and to have

Mixed Emotions as New York City Finally Heals

Michael Bloomberg stood in the center of the World Trade Center site just one day after the death of Osama bin Laden and had one thing to say in regards to the Big Apple and its citizens, “The city’s spirit