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Simon Cowell Admits Cutting Amaro Would Be Mistake

Simon Cowell Says Sorry Gut instinct told Simon Cowell not to cut Melanie Amaro, he admitted on X Factor Simon Cowell, once again initiated a gasp that would be heard around the world from the audience.  Sometime around 9:45 p.m.

Chilean Miners Feel Forgotten One Year Later

Chilean Miners One Year Later On October 13, 2010 33 Chilean miners were rescued after 69 days underground.  1,500 journalists crowded the surface, documenting the inspirational rescue of the Chilean miners.  However in today’s world, what is hot news today

The Emmys Red Carpet Rolls Out During 63rd Primetime Event

the emmys 2011

The Emmys Red Carpet Roll Out Who took home the Emmys this year? Whether you tuned into the Emmys last night or not, everyone joins in the conversation the day after.  As the red carpet rolled out for the 63rd

America’s Got Talent Semifinals Round One

Twelve acts performed Tuesday night in round one of the America’s Got Talent semifinals, and all bets are off. The competition was stiff and it’s hard to say at this point which acts will make it to the finals. As

Madelaine Zammit the Facebook Song and Youtube

Viral and YouTube?  They seem to go together right?  Ironically viral is defined on Dictionary.com in a number of ways; however none refer to going “viral” on YouTube. What exactly is a viral video though?  A video can go viral

The “Fountain Lady” Might File A Lawsuit

Fountain Lady might file charges

The viral video of Cathy Cruz Marrero texting while walking and then falling into the fountain at the mall has been seen by over a million people. “I saw the water coming at me, I could see the pennies and