Teacher has students drink her blood: Leadership on Acid (part 8)

Teacher has students drink her blood: Leadership on Acid (part 8)


Yes, you read that right.

Get ready for “A Spoonful of Blood Makes the Medicine Go Down” and more favorites from the remake of Mary Poppins where she is a vampire.

A kindergarten teacher in Oslo, Norway, has been fired after encouraging her students to taste her blood.

Sadly enough it only takes a few teachers out of millions to give them a bad rap. We can see with stories such as these how some leaders take their roles to ridiculously bad extremes. 

Another instructor at Dravhaug kindergarten, Inger Lise Soemme Anderson, told Reuters that the teacher — whose name has not been released —- brought in a sample of her own blood, then put it on a plate for the children to look at.

Soemme Anderson said the kids asked if they could touch the blood, and the teacher said yes. When the children asked how to get it off their fingers, the teacher put her finger in her mouth so the students could follow her example.

She told school authorities that at least one of the students tasted the blood, but said she couldn’t remember if any of the 11 other students had done so.

The teacher is being tested for HIV/AIDs and other blood-borne pathogens.

Upon reading this, I just said to myself, “what’s next, a teacher feeding students his own semen?”  Then I came upon an article where it would seem that last year, a teacher in LA apparently fed his students his semen, and was naturally facing a life sentence in prison if convicted.

“You don’t know what kind of diseases this man has,” Kimberly Kirklan, a parent, told the station. “You don’t know any history about this man. And you’re taking our innocent babies and you’re basically tainting them.”

As if it is slightly less disgusting if he actually is a healthy person with no diseases?

I give it up for Michelle Obama who pointed out that his semen was still more nutritious than the food served in the cafeteria. At least someone is looking at the bright side of things.

Joking aside, it seems like our children aren’t safe if things like this are actually happening. Whatever background checks school systems have in place apparently aren’t good enough, or should at least include a questionnaire on “what not to feed your students.”

Is there anything parents can do other than be outraged and complain to school administrators? Probably not. Although if I was in charge of hiring teachers for a district, I would definitely value the importance of my job that much more.




2 Responses to Teacher has students drink her blood: Leadership on Acid (part 8)

  1. Chris says:

    That teacher needs a psych exam after being fired! I just started my toddler in pre-school and I really got on the staff about EVERYTHING. Later on, one of the teachers thanked me for “really showing an interest and concern” for the children!

    • mike says:

      Yes, It’s amazing what some people do in a “professional” setting like a teacher in a classroom. It’s good that you get “on the staff” at pre-school, but at the same time, don’t be that guy. You know, the parent that teachers talk about when they are in the breakroom. Some parents take an extreme and sometimes overblown interest in their child’s education, meaning it can cross the line between reasonable parenting and a-little-too-much parenting which causes many teachers more stress than they care to admit to have. The problem is when parents either care too little or care too much about their child’s learning. There needs to be a happy medium. Easier said than done, no doubt.

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