The Queen gives Prince Philip a new royal title for his 90th birthday gift


It’s good to be married to the Queen!

As a gift for his 90th birthday Britain’s Prince Philip officially known as the Duke of Edinburgh—was bestowed a new royal title from his wife, Queen Elizabeth II.

He will henceforth be known as Lord High Admiral. The title—which dates back to the 14th century—makes him the head of the British Royal Navy, a position that up until now was held by his wife, who gave him the honor, partially, in recognition of the burgeoning seafaring career he gave up to forever be at her side.

When the pair married in 1947, the then Lord Mountbatten had already served with the Royal Navy in World War II and was quickly moving up in rank, and continued to do so even after they were married. That all ended with her coronation in 1952, at which time he gave up his budding career.

He has ever since carved out his role of being the Queen’s most loyal companion and supporter. He has been quoted in the past as saying of the transition that it could be “disappointing,” but that he also viewed his first duty as being married to the Queen was to “serve her in the best way I could.”

He is also the patron of some 800 organizations—ranging in scope from conservation to design to working with youth. An official ceremony commemorating his new role will be held at a later date.

The prince—who is the longest-serving consort in British history—has said in recent months that he would be reducing his workload and taking some steps back from official duties as he grows older, and some speculation even has him handing over some of his duties to his grandson Prince William’s new bride, Catherine.

For his big day, the Prince chose to have a modest celebration, opting to host a charity reception and later chairing a conference for military colonels.

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  1. Robert Smith says:

    Your report has some inaccuracies: He was not Lord Mountbatten on marrying the then Princess Elizabeth, but Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten Royal Navy. Lord Mountbatten was his uncle and died at the hands of the IRA in 1978. And the Queen was coronated in 1953 not 52 (which is when she ascended to throne on the death of her father).

    Accuracy, please, BQB.

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