The Real World is Now a Real Problem- Part Two

La Jolla, CA-

It seems the “Wait and see” approach the neighbors had before the cast and crew arrived to shoot season 26 of the ‘Real World’, has now turned into a real problem. Neighbors and members of the Bird Rock community met at a local coffee house this past Tuesday, July 5th, to stress their concerns and seek a solution to this growing problem, a meeting that should have taken place sooner, like before they decided to hand over the permits to the production company to start shooting.

Apparently, this “Nuisance”, as one neighbor put it, involves all of the “Lookeylews” speeding up and down the street at all hours of the day and night to get a glimpse of the house. Maybe they think they’ll get lucky and a ‘Real World’ cast or crew member will invite them in? Most likely not. But the problem doesn’t stop there. The increase in noise, the bright lights from the roof shining at night, the littering and added traffic to what is normally a quiet street, has now turned into downright fear, as neighbors with small children worry for their children’s safety. Oh, and don’t forget the helicopters flying around as well.

“I’m disappointed in the process. I heard about this from the grapevine,” San Diego Council Woman Sherri Lightner said as she opened the meeting which also included San Diego Film Commission Director Rob Dunson and board member Ed Quinn, along with San Diego Northern Division Police Captain, Al Guaderrama and members of the Bird Rock community council. RW Productions, the show’s principle production company, was a no show.

Captain Al Guaderrama of the SDPD said there has been an increase in patrols along that street, on a daily basis and there has been an increase in non-emergency “Disturbance calls” coming in as well. That got the ball rolling as Ed Quinn, of the SD Film Commission relayed a concern for the neighbors, as he lives in the area to and said that he would probably be, “Just as upset if they were filming in my neighborhood.” But the matter at hand he stressed was how to resolve this. “How can we help you, the neighbors?”

Well, it is quite simple, they want the show “Shutdown” as one neighbor put it. A process that probably won’t get done anytime soon. When asked about how MTV got here, Rob Dunson, the President of the SD Film Commission answered, “We did not recruit the ‘Real World,’ into the neighborhood. The show came back because they had the highest numbers of any season when they were in San Diego last time.” Apparently, the home was rented by the owner for $45,000 and it is a private residence.

That prompted another neighbor to ask why a business has been given a permit (from the SD Film Commission) to operate in a single-family residential neighborhood? That question wasn’t really answered. It seems that maybe MTV did manage to avoid some obstacles when obtaining the permits. That matter is getting looked into.

So what remains now? If the neighbors go through the appropriate channels to fight this, it could not get its due attention, until the show has packed up and gone away. So after several minutes of brainstorming, the solution appeared a no-brainer. Let’s get security.

Well the ‘Real World’ does have two guys patrolling the area around the house. Wait a minute; they’re with the show and protecting its interests. So then, why not have RW Productions pay for security for an off-duty SD Police Officer(s) to provide security 24 hours a day until they wrap. One neighbor added into the mix, “Will they be contributing anything back? You take, you give.” That came in the form of a challenge asking the SD Film Commission reps to go to RW Productions asking for a $100,000 donation made to the Wounded Warriors Fund. The challenge also included the endorsement of San Diego Council Woman Sherri Lightner and the SD Police.

Well, it seems that the meeting was a success. In a letter from Councilmember Sherri Lightner’s office, to all concerned;
“Thanks again to everyone who participated in this week’s neighborhood meeting regarding “The Real World.” We really appreciate all of your assistance and patience as we work to address the issues you have raised.
My staff and I have been in communication with the show’s producers, the Film Commission and the Police. At the recommendation of the Police Department, the producers will be funding one uniformed Police Officer with a patrol car who will be stationed at the roundabout entrance to the neighborhood each night until 4 a.m. The officer will begin his first shift tonight at 6 p.m.

We also relayed to the producers your specific requests to shield the lights on the roof of the Real World house and to turn those lights off by 10 p.m. each night. In addition, Bob Vacchi, Director of the Neighborhood Code Compliance Department, reported that his department conducted a nighttime inspection of the lights on the Real World house last night. The inspector found one light on the southeast corner of the property that needs to be better shielded. Mr. Vacchi has spoken with the show’s producers about addressing this issue.

The Code Compliance Inspector will also be conducting a follow-up daytime inspection of the roof and the interior of the home within the next week. We will provide an update after that inspection occurs.
Please do not hesitate to contact the Police Department’s non-emergency line, to report any neighborhood disturbances. Please call 911 if there is a life-threatening emergency.

Please do not engage in any confrontations with the cast or crew of the production. Instead, please contact the Film Commission if there are any concerns with the cast, crew, or production itself.
Best regards,
Sherri Lightner
Councilmember, District 1
City of San Diego”

To read the original article, please visit MTV’s ‘The Real World’ San Diego, Poses Real Problems
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4 Responses to The Real World is Now a Real Problem- Part Two

  1. Rick says:

    Wow it might even get worse, they will be filming till September

    • dcteti says:

      We are waiting to see how things unfold the rest of the summer. Stay tuned to The BQB for the latest updates. Let us know if there are any other topics you would like us to report on!

      Kind regards,
      The BQB

  2. Linda says:

    Glad i do not live there, iwas reading all about the things that happened in the last shows of the MTV Real world

    • dcteti says:

      Yeah Linda, this episode of the ‘Real World’ has proven to be a major disturbance in the neighborhood! Thanks for the comment and let us know if there are any other topics you would like to see The BQB report on.

      Kind regards,
      The BQB

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