Tricking Your Body Into Shape

Tricking your brain

Most people think that there is no real way that cheating can cause you to lose weight. Sure people have cheated on diets or cheated in the gym, but what about ways to trick your body into thinking you are full, even if the last meal was a small one.
Apparently, there are scientists working on developing foods that trick you into thinking you are full. One of the world’s largest food companies is engineering products to make people feel fuller longer, reports the Wall Street Journal. Nestle is hoping to “decipher the language of satiety” to make foods that fill you up quicker and make you feel full longer, according to the Journal.
What these scientists have done is built a machine that resembles the human body’s gastrointestinal tract. Experiments have included adding a compound they call monoglyceride to olive oil. This made it harder for the stomach to digest, which then triggers the brain into thinking the body is full. Studies do not confirm this will get approval from the FDA.
There is another way to tricking your body into thinking you are full, start off your meal by drinking an 8-ounce glass of water before the first bite.

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