U.S. Military Presses Taliban To Cut Al-Qaeda Ties

Washington, D.C.-

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has urged Taliban forces to sever ties with al-Qaeda or face harsh realities.  The former First Lady is pushing the fighters towards peace and not war. “They cannot defeat us. And they cannot escape this choice,” Mrs Clinton said in a speech in New York.  Secretary Clinton also went on to say that, “In 2001, after 9/11, the Taliban chose to defy the international community and protect al-Qaeda. That was the wrong choice, and they have paid a heavy price. Today, the escalating pressure of our military campaign is sharpening a similar decision for the Taliban: break ties with al-Qaeda, give up your arms, and abide by the Afghan constitution and you can rejoin Afghan society; refuse and you will continue to face the consequences of being tied to al-Qaeda as an enemy of the international community.”

The U.S. is planning on withdrawing some of the 78,000 troops in Afghanistan starting this summer with the hopes of a complete withdraw by 2014.  An act that heavily relies on a civilians strengthening the Afghan and Pakistani governments, restoring order and an economic stability in the region, and a diplomatic end to the war.

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