UNESCO Loses United States Funding After Accepting Palestine

United States Cuts Off UNESCO Funding

UNESCO also known as the UN Agency devoted to cultural and educational cooperation, recently voted to accept Palestinians as members.  Palestine was welcomed into UNESCO after a 107-14 vote (although they had 52 abstentions or voters not accounted for in the ballot).  Why are the Palestinians trying to


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target a small UN agency?

After applying for statehood back in September by the UN Security Council, Palestine decided to try a different route.  By being accepted as a member to smaller UN Agencies such as UNESCO Palestine hopes to make its way up to the UN and be recognized as an individual state.  The United States announced today, that all funding to UNESCO would be cut off, as Palestine is not recognized as a state.

Supplying 22% of the funding to UNESCO, Director-General Irina Bokova claims the United States is a critical partner to the work of this agency.  Without begin recognized for any international attributes, Palestine’s admission into UNESCO automatically allows the United States to withdraw its funding into the agency.

Without the 60 million dollars UNESCO will be forced to compromise programs on Holocaust education and a tsunami warning system.  After being denied in September for their bid to become a state, Palestine than went to UNESCO, in hopes to work their way up the ladder.

Bokova is left pleading with the United States to continue funding, because with it they will be unable to function at full capacity. According to the United States and the video below, the decision to allow Palestine into UNESCO is regrettable after two decades of peace talks have been dismissed. It will be interesting to see if the United States keeps funding UNESCO, as some of the affected programs will be missed.


Video United States Cuts Off UNESCO Funding

UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization


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