Vice Presidential Debate Can Democrats Rebound?

Vice Presidential Debate

Reuters claims,  the U.S. vice presidential debate on Thursday grabbed voters’ attention but appeared to change few hearts in the capital of Ohio, a state that might hold the key to victory in the November 6 election.

But was Vice President Joe Biden‘s performance last night enough to rebound the hearts of Obama supporters that were swayed only a week ago?

Paul Ryan is not one to back down, as I came to know him when the debt crisis was looming.  Ryan to me is a smooth talking pretty boy Republican who is more dangerous than Mitt Romney.  Now don’t get me wrong, President Obama has not been one of my favorites either lately as he has begun to play along with these political theatrics that would make Shakespeare turn in his grave.  However when my writing colleague Mike Bromberg wrote that Paul Ryan was going to try and play the side of the struggling student, I’m sorry but I had to laugh.

Before this vice presidential debate Paul Ryan wanted to dismantle Medicare and now he is claiming that social security and medicare has helped his family?  Well Mr. Ryan the LA Times is not the only Fact Check that I have come across.  CBS reported the vice presidential debate as a display of fireworks and also gave credit towards Biden’s fiesty stand against Ryan.  What about the GOP plan to repeal and replace the havoc wreaking health care law?

Well at least during the vice presidential debate both Biden and Ryan agreed that Iran should not have a nuclear weapon.

When it came Romney’s slip, oh which one you ask?  The statment regarding that “47 percent” of people don’t pay income taxes. Paul Ryan claimed that “sometimes the words don’t come out of your mouth in the right way.”  Well Mr. Ryan how many times is Mitt Romney going to use that excuse?  Isn’t he the same person who wants to get rid of PBS, aka the PUBLIC BROADCAST SYSTEM?  Big Bird would be out of a job Mitt! But than again you are no stranger to animal abuse.

Even though President Obama may have not been strong against Mitt Romney during the presidential debate last week, I would be in shock too if a robot just turned on in front of me.

Listen I will give credit where credit is due, however the Republican party needs to pick a side and stick too it, while President Obama needs to grow a back bone and stand up to Congress. As of right now it the Presidential election of 2012 is just another “Who is the Lesser of the Two Evils?”.  Even despite Biden winning me back over after his performance during Thursday nights vice presidential debate.  Come on guys, we want you to represent us, not rip us off.

Some ideas:

Stop bailing out the banks and start bailing out your country, the starving families who are losing their homes.

Stop undocumented citizens and give the jobs back to those in the country who need them!

Beef up border security to help those who are in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas.  Am I racist? No.  Just sick and tired of watching shows about Americans not being able to let their children play out in their backyard because of the danger of undocumented citizens coming from Mexico and stealing.

Lastly, be honest, stop playing theatrics and be the man who deserves to be voted into office.  Unfortunately I think this may be too much to ask for.

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