Obama and Romney conclude presidential debates

After watching the Presidential debate last night, I came to a few conclusions; neither guy is fully capable in all areas required of a president.  Romney used his economic stance as governor along with balancing budgets for the private sector and the Olympics.   President Obama used more of his foreign policy experience and the fact that he understands what it means to be commander and chief.

Being a republican, I have to be honest that I rooted for President Obama when he was elected for the simple fact that I am an American and I want what’s best for the people that live here (legally of course).  I feel that after the past four years, President Obama was in over his head.  He clearly understands the game of politics, but with regards to being the leader of the most powerful country in the world’s history, he still lacks leadership and the understanding of what the role of president means.

Some say that the president came in feeling that he might be down from the last debate with Romney slightly ahead.  This may have been his opportunity to redeem himself. “In a sense, they both succeeded,” writes Jonathan Chait in New York. The National Journal’s Ron Fournier agrees with that overall analysis, saying that while “Obama won Monday night’s debate on points,” Romney “held his own” meaning that “the state of the race is likely unchanged.”  Another reporter viewed President Obama’s mannerisms like this, “The president’s visible frustration tonight suggests he knows he is losing,” Ed Rogers in the Washington Post.

A CBS poll from 500 uncommitted voters was done after watching the debate and 53% said Obama won, 23% had Romney winning the debate and 24% feel that the debate was a tie.  With regards to international crises, 71% feel more comfortable with Obama. With regards to terrorism and national security, 64% feel more confident with while only 36% feel confident with Romney.

I guess what it may come down to in November is what is the most important to the citizens of this country?  Safety from foreign aggressors or domestic financial stability?  I don’t think we’ll get both!  If I had to choose a position, I would have to take domestic financial stability first.


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  1. Just like on the latest news now a days. Being Right Means Knowing When You’re Not Right Anymore and certainly choosing the lesser evil.

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