Will Tiger Ever Make it back?

Augusta, GA-

For the second year in a row, Tiger Woods has placed fourth in the Masters.  This year he finished tied for fourth with Australian, Geoff Ogilvy.  After a 74 on Saturday left him in a tie for ninth place and seven shots behind 21-year-old leader Rory McIlroy, adjustments seemed in order.  Cursing in front of the whole television world to see probably didn’t help him either.

So what’s going on? He seems to have lost that competitive tiger in him.  It’s clear that things haven’t been the same for Woods since his infidelity went public and then his divorce.  Let’s face it, America needs a hero and Tiger was that hero before he broke that bond.  The family bond.

He’s lost some sponsors and clearly an audience that used to roar at the mere sight of the guy.  Some say he is making his comeback but still has some things to work on like his swing and oh yes, his putting.  He had this to say after the Masters, “Pleased with the way I played,” Woods said. “I just made nothing. I had so many putts early that looked like they were going in but didn’t.”

Maybe karma has its place in the world or the man-up-stairs has another plan for the golfing world.  The fact of the matter is, golf will survive even if Tiger Woods doesn’t.  We still need a hero though.  Does anyone know of any great race horses?

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