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Writing Contests are not few and far between, on the contrary there are many to choose from, where it gets tricky is figuring out which ones are legitimate. 

As a writer for The BQB I can personally say when people leave comments or feedback to my work I know I was successful.  One thing I always look for in a writing contest are the entry fees, publication and whether or not I have to sign over my work.   

Amateur writer or a seasoned vet, one thing all writer’s share in common is the love of seeing feedback on their work.  When you involve your work in open-call writing contests, you have the chance for genuine feedback from judges and fellow writers.  In the long run feedback can be worth more than the cost of any entry fee as it allows you to work on your writing and develop it even after the writing contest ends.

But what about writing contests backed by big names?  Well I found the top one on Google’s search engine to be Writers Digest.  Sounds great, however the entry fees range from $10-$15 a poem up too $100 per children’s picture book and you are not even guaranteed to have your work seen by an outside source or publishing company.   

Another problem with big writing contests comes is losing the privilege to your work.  I always wondered, what happens when you submit the work to a writing contest and you lose.  Did they tell you that you lost so they can market your work as their own?  As an aspiring writer I tend to stay away from any place that asks you to sign over the rights to your work.  My parents were right when they said, if its good, they will want to pay you for it.  

The BQB decided to do a writing contest, calling amateur writers around the world to have a chance to become a member of our staff!  It’s great because with The BQB we are affiliated with Google News and we rank in the top 11% of the countries news worthy sites!  

No need to sign over your work to us because The BQB is only as strong as the writers we staff.  Therefore The BQB writing contest gives amateur writers the ability to pick their topic, write as they will using news worthy sources and depending on the article Google may feature it in their news section. 

Writing is my passion and with The BQB I have found my calling.  The entry fee is small unlike major contests and you have the ability to lay claim to all of your work.  No one asks you to sign it over and you are responsible for putting your best foot forward.  You have nothing to lose because every article entered has a chance to be on The BQB website and every article on our website has a chance to be featured on Google News!  Want to enter in The BQB writing contest?  Visit us today at www.contest.thebqb.com.

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  1. Rena' Hamilton says:

    I entered the contest and received an email saying I won! I will be an intern and hope to learn many things. I look forward to it!

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