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Citigroup Hacked

Citigroup is the latest to join the list of major corporations being hacked such as Sony’s PlayStation Network and Google’s Android OS. Well North American customers Citigroup admits that they discovered the hacking incidents in early May however just like

Angry Birds The new wave of big bucks media

Being new to the world of the smartphone, I have started embracing the ever-growing world of the Apps. These programs, found in any smartphone whether it is the iPhone or an Android phone, range from games, to business, fitness, sports—whatever

PlayStation Network Back Online Soon

Ok gamers, being straight out and honest, it is not looking so good for Sony PlayStation Network  (PSN) or Sony Online Entertainment (SOE).  But let us not jump the gun and run to buy X-Box, Wii or other systems to

Boxy Nissan minivan becomes new face of New York’s yellow taxi fleet

NEW YORK, NY— New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday unveiled the city’s next generation of yellow taxi cab—a boxy minivan made by Nissan. The minivan won out over two other finalists in a city-wide competition.  It will have

Over 100 Million Identities Hacked Between Sony Online Entertainment PC Games and Playstation Networks

Sony got hacked… Again?  Last week my article, ‘PS3 Sony’s Playstation Security Network Shutdown May be Largest Identity Information Breach in History’ covered the possible identity theft of 77 million individuals, after a security breach to Sony’s Playstation network last

PS3 Sony’s Playstation Security Network Shutdown May be Largest Identity Information Breach in History

You know those cute commercials on the television that talk about identity theft? Well we all know about the threat of identity theft, however who would have thought that a gaming system network, Sony’s Playstation and in particular was liable

Massive Security Breach Could Effect Millions

San Diego, CA- The World’s Largest Permission Based Email Marketing Company has been compromised.  Epsilon Inc. reported last week that “intruders had broken into one of its email servers and accessed the names and email accounts of some of its

McDonalds to Hire 50,000 Employees in One Day

Oakbrook, Ill- It seems the job market may really be improving throughout the nation these days.  March employment reports signaled an encouraging trend as the U.S. government announced a gain of 216,000 jobs and a slide of unemployment numbers down

Wal-Mart Could be Party to Biggest Class-Action Lawsuit Ever

Washington, D.C.- The Battle of Bentonville vs. Berkeley, is about to go global. What started out as a small sexual discrimination claim against an employer in 2000, has escalated into what could be the largest class-action lawsuit against a retail

Facebook Turning Away Customers

Online social media mogul Facebook is giving the boot to some 20,000 of its users per day.  That’s 20,000 potential customers.  Not a business practice you would expect to hear about.  It seems that a study called The Pew Internet

New York Times to begin charging fees for viewing its website

NEW YORK, NY— The New York Times—the nation’s third-largest newspaper—announced the long-anticipated pricing guidelines for viewing of the paper online, a move the company feels is necessary to compensate for the steep drop in print advertising. Over the past fifteen

Resignation of NPR’s CEO amid fight for federal funding

WASHINGTON, DC— The resignation of Vivian Schiller, National Public Radio’s president and CEO—amidst a hidden camera scandal involving the news organization’s top fundraiser—couldn’t have come at a worse time for the company, as it continues to fight for federal funding.

Pork has a new slogan

Ever thought you could be inspired by pork? No? The National Pork Board begs to differ.  While the meat of the pig has traditionally been marketed as “The Other White Meat,” the old pork motto is being replaced with a

Volkswagen bringing back famed Microbus, albeit with a make-over

  GENEVA, SWITZERLAND— Volkswagen AG launched a concept version of its updated microbus at the Geneva Auto Show on Tuesday, showing the 2011 twist to the 50s classic. The iconic bus was originally manufactured from 1950 to 1967, and became

Toys-R-Us May Go Public

  The New Jersey based toy retailer is looking into filing for an Initial Public Offering (IPO).  The toy giant which also operates under the Babies-R-Us and FAO Swartz names, is hoping to raise $800 million by this April through

Congress Works towards Avoiding Government Shutdown

  Washington,D.C.- In a statement released late Friday (EST) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid suggests Congress is moving towards a deal to avoid a government shutdown, at least for now.  House Republicans are expected to pass a “short term spending

House Republicans Unveil Massive Budget Cuts:

In an effort to eliminate $100 billion from the current year’s budget, House Republicans unveiled a spending bill on Friday that shows historic cuts in federal spending. The bill—which was pushed forward by the Appropriations Committee—calls for the cutting or

Sarah Palin Hires Michael Glassner As Her Political Advisor:

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has hired Michael Glassner to be her top political advisor, a move that to many political insiders indicates her intentions to run for president in 2012—something she has thus far repeatedly denied. Glassner worked with

To Beef Or Not To Beef? That Is The Question.

Taco Bell gets the heat for no beef

A California woman has filed a class action lawsuit against Taco Bell claiming that the substance that looks like beef in their restaurants is technically not beef due to the amount of fillers used. On Jan. 19, Amanda Obney filed