Commercials | Even the Super Bowl is a Time Filler

Super Bowl commercials, like every year, have gained press for their fantastic expense, celebrity involvement, or overall artistic value. This year, I even saw ads promoting a company’s Super Bowl commercial! The Super Bowl commercials followed the formula of past years: sex, celebrities, and animals/babies. So basically there is nothing new here, however I have seen a trend that I believe will be huge and I can sum it up in one word:


I have yet to see the acclaimed film “The Artist” but in essence I feel this where things are going. That film is a silent movie which pays homage to the classic films of that era. People are raving about this movie I think it is no coincidence. Sure the acting and cinematography are well done, but there is something more.

With technology going faster than ever and film and TV being overblown with special effects and stylish camerawork, it has become refreshing to see what was so special about ‘back in the day.’

I firmly believe we will continue to see more references to ‘back in the day’ as time goes on, at least for a trend. I recently saw an ad for NBC’s comedy night with such shows as The Office and Parks and Recreation. The commercial was done like a silent film, with an old-school singer as the soundtrack and the images produced with stark contrast black and white with no dialogue heard. NBC’s advertisers are catching on. This morning, I saw an ad for Disneyland in which the announcer asks Eli Manning after he wins the Super Bowl what he is going to do now. Just like the famous commercial from back in the day, he replied, “I’m going to Disneyland!”

Vintage is hot.

What does this mean to you? It is an interesting byproduct of our place in time. As new fashions become the norm, old fashions gain an appeal. Of course this is a wild generalization, but for this current trend, the old fashion I am referring to is that of the 20s-ish era.

“The Artist” is just the beginning.

According to the Guardian, “This wave of nostalgia has prompted not only more silent movies, but plays and films paying homage to the stars of the time. One of the biggest projects is a musical based on the life of Charlie Chaplin, which will open on Broadway this year.”

I love it when I am right.

You watch the advertising and the entertainment industry over the next year or two and you’ll see the oozing of nostalgia. Older folks will appreciate it. Younger folks might enjoy it—they’ll be watching silent movies on their iPad.


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