In The Wake of 9/11

If we are all connected by one consciousness, what does that mean for humanity?
There is a spiritual payoff for humankind. Our future depends on the realization that we’re united and connected with all life and the planet and that we’re willing to change our behavior in order to preserve it.
I think that the opposite of that is the individual-based epidemic of greed and selfishness that has threatened to destroy this world. I’m fond of the novelist Alice Walker’s comment that “anything we love can be saved.” We love the things we feel united and connected with, as a mother loves a child.That’s how all of us need to relate to one another, and every living thing. There are examples of how shared consciousness leads to kindness and compassion, even among different species.

So, if we can show others (evil people) that we all share common things in life such as love, beliefs, religion and so on, then maybe we can all see and respect each other as fellow humans and/or people of God, Allah and so on! If we can ask a terrorist if they love anything in this life, then we tell them that we also love something. So we both share a common trait that we love something, even if we disagree on several other things. We still share a common trait that we love. So, then maybe we can convince them that since we all are capable of sharing common traits but different views, the we can learn to respect and appreciate each other!?

God bless this great country of ours as we honor 9/11!

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