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2012 Oscars: BQB Highlights of the Fashion and Films

2012 oscars

2012 Oscars The 2012 Oscars. Here is a ceremony that is in some ways like the Super Bowl. I was making chit-chat with a woman earlier today and asked if she watched it. She replied that she did but she

Linsanity Causes Spirit Airlines To Go Just Plane Linsane!

Whats all the Linsanity about?  Who else could it be but the Knicks hot shot Jeremy Lin.  Spinning words What do you think when you see commercials using “Linsane” or “Linsanity” as part of their sales technique? Spirit Airlines did

Commercials | Even the Super Bowl is a Time Filler

Super Bowl commercials, like every year, have gained press for their fantastic expense, celebrity involvement, or overall artistic value. This year, I even saw ads promoting a company’s Super Bowl commercial! The Super Bowl commercials followed the formula of past

Party Hard Celebrities RIP Amy Winehouse

winehouse joins celebrities who die from overdose

Very few were surprised as Amy Winehouse joined the celebrities who have passed away because of their hard partying ways.

Planking is Becoming A Where Can We Do planking Game

Planking has become the internet’s latest bored game craze as people all over the world are becoming infatuated with the newest online fad. Blending in as though you are a piece of wood, a plank, is exactly what gave planking

Nicolas Cage arrested in New Orleans

Sometimes, we wonder if celebrities get into fights, say something controversial, behave inappropriately, or talk smack for the purpose of creating publicity. For example, recently Bill Cosby said unfavorable things about Donald Trump contemplating running for President. Cosby likely was