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What Is Love? Happily Ever or Never After?

What is love?  Sure we have the happily ever after approach thanks to Walt Disney and other great cartoon movies that implanted within my young brain that true love conquers all.  What is love to me?  It is the kiss

New Years Resolutions : New Year, New YOU

New Years Resolutions aka What Will Motivate you? How will you use your clean slate to apply yourself to the best New Years Resolution you can think of? ***    New Years Resolutions for 2013 **** I look forward to doing all the things

Thanksgiving Day 2012 | Stories Inspiring Thanks

Sitting here on the eve of Thanksgiving Day 2012, 2 pm EST, I realize I have no plans for a day that so many Americans celebrate despite their religious backgrounds.  Despite lacking official plans for Thanksgiving Day 2012 I decided

PETA Latest Stunt: No Thanksgiving Turkey!

The Thanksgiving Turkey a tortured bird? So says PETA. In the latest of anti-meat campaigns, PETA argues that if you eat a thanksgiving turkey for this holiday, you might as well be eating cats or dogs. It’s no surprise that PETA

New Year’s Resolution History and Hype

New Years Resolutions

What is you New Year’s Resolution My New Year’s resolution ? That’s easy.  To work less, live more and love like no one’s watching.  For some the concept of a New Year’s resolution is un-needed and honestly there is a

Halloween Activities | Corn Maze Go Ahead Get Lost

Halloween Corn Maze Halloween Activities for all ages Looking for Halloween activities to do such as a corn maze, trick or treating or pumpkin picking? Halloween is one of those holidays where it can often be all about the children

Top Ten Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I’ve found some great ideas on the internet for those still looking for something interesting or creative to get their wonderful dad this year. Some of these can be for the last minute shopper and some of these you’ll have

Memorial Day Salute

Memorial Day is known for the beginning of summer, barbeques, and beach traffic.  Originally declared Decoration Day, Memorial Day was supposed to be a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. There are over two

Happy Passover

Almost every holiday has its cuisine. Memorial Day and/or July 4th have the BBQ weekend, Halloween has sweets, Hanukkah has potato pancakes, New Years has champagne, Valentine’s Day has chocolates, and Thanksgiving is, of course, a no-brainer. Passover is the