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Facebook Generation Won’t Buy These Eight Products

There is a new study out that claims the Facebook generation will not buy eight products.  I think it should be no surprise that newspapers will soon be a thing of the past, especially for today’s younger or middle-aged crowd, but other

Generation X and Society Today

generation x

Generation X I never really gave it much thought when I learned that my generation was labeled “Generation X.”  I guess I thought it was pretty cool that we were even acknowledged.  I had heard a lot about the “Baby

Dating Sites Catering to Those Looking For Love

I recently heard a story about dating sites that are catering to specific crowds. Some of these that currently exist are those that are for bikers: bikerplanet, bikerkiss, bikerhookups and so forth with the “.com” at the end. There are

Owling Because Planking Is So Two Months Ago

Internet meme's are tracked in interesting ways. Owling came to me via Facebook after I finally caved into Planking. Now I am going to have to go and try the sensation of Owling. Why? Because when

Arizona Infomercial Star Don Lapre Found Dead in Jail

If you ever watched infomercials in the past 20 years (especially in the 90s) then you likely have seen Don Lapre,  the self-styled “King of Infomercials,” who has been in the news lately for charges of cheating millions of customers

The Media World, What is The Truth?

media today

The media was originally created to answer the question what is the truth? Consisting of the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely as according to Dictionary.com, the media is

Netflix Subscription Price Increase

netflix cover

Netflix is raising their prices this upcoming September and rather than giving users the benefits of both physical DVD rental and online video download, the company has decided to make them two separate subscriptions. Consumers of Netflix will be

7-year-old Driver Arrested & Charged in PJ’s

7-year-old driver arrested

7-Year-Old Driver arrested in Michigan after 20 mile chase with police.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Separated

It would seem that the seven-year-itch holds true for some couples. After seven years, superstars Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have split. “We have decided to end our marriage,” they said. “This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable

Carmageddon: Hell or Hype?

Carmageddon, the 10 mile closure of Los Angeles’ 405 highway which started late yesterday night and continues to about 6am Monday has received media attention throughout the country, from local stations in California to the Wall Street Journal. For months

Carmageddon - LA Residents Prepare for Gridlock

Carmageddon, the lockdown of a 10-mile stretch of the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles July 16 and 17, has been dreaded for months due to the traffic jams it is likely to present. The LA Times refers to it as

Death Qualified Jury, What is it?

Clearwater, FL- Judge Belvin Perry prepared to meet the first panel of potential jurors for the Casey Anthony Trial scheduled to begin in a few weeks. It was Monday morning as the Judge sat in his temporary chair, 100 miles

Qantas Workers Strike by Only Using Left Hand

The airline industry is no stranger to financial problems with fuel costs keeping tensions high for the managers working to keep fares low and consumers happy. Unfortunately for Qantas, rising costs have led to concerns of outsourcing and an ongoing

Casey Anthony - Why Do Misdeeds Make People Infamous?

The Casey Anthony trial has been national news for some time now. Millions of people have been following the case; essentially making Anthony a national celebrity. After the shocking “not guilty” verdict on the charges of first degree murder and

Casey Anthony Neglected Reporting Caylee Missing, Jury Turns Blind Eye

Casey Anthony was found guilty of lying to the police yesterday, that’s it.  Defense attorney Jose Baez did the jig; Prosecutor Jeff Ashton handed in his retirement papers and the evening news became engulfed in the flames of debate after

Casey Anthony Not Guilty SideShow Circus Continues

At 2:15 pm on July 5th 2011 the jury of five men and seven women, arrived at their decision that Casey Anthony was not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter back in 2008. Although Casey Anthony was not found guilty

Princess Diana Resurrected by Newsweek in Celebration of her 50th

Catherine Middleton has been compared to her husband’s late mother, Princess Diana, for quite some time now.  Their fashion, their kindness and even their family history not lying in royalty fit to marry a prince.  But on today, what would

Casey Anthony Getting No Help From Relatives

Even Casey Anthony’s parents are questioning the length of their daughter’s involvement in the murder of their granddaughter, Caylee Anthony. George Anthony, father to Casey Anthony, was bought into the trial after accusations of his involvement in covering up Caylee’s

Casey Anthony Trial Turns into Summer Circus

Orlando, FL- The Casey Anthony Trial has become Orlando’s biggest attraction. The trial has People lining up and camping out outside the Orlando courtroom in hopes of receiving tickets to witness the Casey Anthony trial. In an ABC interview with