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Bromberg’s How to: Key Points on Fast Food

  I was just reading about how Wendy’s is now #2 (used to be #3) and Burger King is now #3 for sales in 2011.Wendy’s had sales of $8.5 billion, chump change compared to McDonald’s which had $34.2 billion. Even

Writing a Resume 10 Things to Avoid

Writing a Resume 10 Things to Avoid Putting on Your Resume Writing a resume is hard.  For every job you seek, another resume has to be written.  Finding a specific job involves writing a resume selling yourself for that position.

Taco Bell Tacos Introduces “Doritos Locos Tacos”

While some of us are still recovering from the news of a bacon sundae being served at Dennys, there’s a new piece of fast food innovation that has been garnering attention on the internet. As if Taco Bell needed more

To Beef Or Not To Beef? That Is The Question.

Taco Bell gets the heat for no beef

A California woman has filed a class action lawsuit against Taco Bell claiming that the substance that looks like beef in their restaurants is technically not beef due to the amount of fillers used. On Jan. 19, Amanda Obney filed