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Sitting here on the eve of Thanksgiving Day 2012, 2 pm EST, I realize I have no plans for a day that so many Americans celebrate despite their religious backgrounds.  Despite lacking official plans for Thanksgiving Day 2012 I decided that before I either take the horrendous commute home on the LIRR to Long Island or stay here in the city, that it was imperative that I write this blog.

Unfortunately our blog the BQB has not been as strong as we would have liked to see it over the past year.        With a staff of 3-4 writers at a time (who are unpaid) it is hard to cover every single story in the media with a driving passion backed by impressive research.  On my walk home I realized one thing I am thankful for on this upcoming Thanksgiving Day 2012 are the few journalists out there who really know how to capture the news, win hearts and captivate whatever is left of the human attention span these days.  Sure I can sit here and tell you the history behind Thanksgiving Day, but I really do not want too, nor am I interested.  Instead by both my grandfather’s recent passing and the image of a photo shown on a news station on Veteran’s Day, I wanted to give you all a chance to read the stories that may not make Google’s top news page.  The stories which remind us to be thankful during this Thanksgiving Day and all those that will follow.

Military Wife

Inspiring story of military wife who cared for her husband

The first story is about a typical Marine wife, that is until the duty she swore to God during her vows called her into service.  Her husband retired from the United States Marine Corps after 21 years of service, however as this Marine wife soon learned, she could never retire from their love.  This story will surely remind you to be thankful for the service and price that is paid everyday by those who serve in the United States military.  Also it reminds us to acknowledge the love we have in our lives, the good health of our family and friends, and the healing power of time.

Inspiring Story of Military Wife 

Andrew Solomon, “Far From the Tree” 

Of course as a sister of a United States Marine I try to bring awareness towards the price that a military service member pays when they sign their name over to America.  Lt. Nick Vogt is a double amputee recovery and I am sure I do not have to say why this reminds me to be thankful on Thanksgiving Day 2012.

Lt. Nick Vogt’s Story 

One of the stories on

About a year ago I did a blog entitled Military Service Dogs Their History and Tails.  After reading an article in USA Today regarding the affect that therapy dogs can have on those individuals returning with PTSD and other mental disorders after years of service towards our country.  Today I was looking for the same story that would remind us to be thankful of the creatures we have been fortunate to come across during our lives.  My dog Champ is way more then a pet, actually I can admit that it’s borderline pathetic what a prince he is, however five years ago at a time when love was a crucial element in the direction of my future, I happened to find him.  I believe everyone should be fortunate enough to have the love of an animal in their lives because it truly teaches you how to love selflessly.  Thankfully I found a site that displays multiple tales of the everyday miracles that therapy dogs perform.

Cesar’s Therapy Dogs 

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to put up some more articles that remind me to be thankful for what I have on Thanksgiving Day 2012.  However last but not least I am thankful for this blog.  I know it sounds corny however at a time when I needed a creative outlet, our editor, DCTeti came along as one of the first individuals who seemed to have the same faith as myself.  A passionate writer, DCTeti has never given up on the dream that one day all this hard work will come to a head.  Sure we all get aggravated here at the BQB and we definitely have had our momentary lapses, however I am so thankful that I have had the chance to become acquainted with my fellow writers and most importantly DCTeti.  Not many have the faith that this guy does, nor do they have the adoration and devotion that he displays as a family man.  There are many articles that he has put forward in an effort to be acknowledged, however none came from the heart as much as the Mr. Mom one.  As a stay at home dad, DCTeti has always reminded me to be thankful of having loved ones in your life to support you, a steadfast faith/belief system and above all the patience that all good things will come.  I don’t want to say too much, however anytime I read his article about being a stay at home dad, I am reminded to be thankful of family.

Stay at Home Dad Meets Mr. Mom 

In closing guys, even though this will be my first holiday season without my grandfather, my heart cannot help but feel warm at all the stories of life that I have heard.  This year I have watched some old friends find new smiles as they head out along their lifetime journey hand in hand with what I can only describe as their soulmate.  Before my eyes my best friends have grown and emerged in their own light rather than standing in the shadows of others.  Some of our military service members I have the privilege of calling great friends are now enjoying their lives as civilians and helping guide others along a positive transition back into society.

Sure if I wanted I could dwell on the negatives of this year, but for those of you who know me, it just is not my style.  Therefore live with a smile, check out some inspirational stories for yourself and remember sure the grass is greener on the other side but what about those people who can only imagine what green grass looks like?  As my pop taught me, always treat others kindly, because everyone is fighting a hard battle.  With that said, on this Thanksgiving Day 2012, please be thankful for at least one thing in your life.

If you have any stories you would like featured in tomorrow’s article of giving thanks, please feel free to contact me in a comment below with them!

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  1. Chris says:

    I am thankful for the healthy and safe delivery of my second child a week ago. We have been back and forth from the doctors because she has jaundace (sp?), but I know in the long run she will be fine and this will only be a blink of any eye memory. I am thankful that my mom was able to come visit with us and share in the joy we have with our new addition. I am also thankful for the friends that helped out this past week as I bounced back and forth from the hospital!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all and God Bless,


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