Ryan Reynolds Brings Blake Lively Home to Mom

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has caused me to write some Perez Hilton style gossip on the BQB.  I have to say, Ryan Reynolds is one of the finest actors out there and I genuinely do believe him to be a nice guy.  The 35 year old actor has been seen out and about lately with 24 year old Blake Lively.

Reynolds and Lively shared on screen time in the action flick “The Green Lantern”.  Both seem to appear happy and a match made in heaven (physically speaking of photos).

The New York Daily News placed the two love birds in Vancouver this past weekend, as Reynolds and Lively dined on a mountaintop restaurant.  No big deal right?  Well it turns out that the dinner at Altitudes Bistro was a family reunion for the Reynolds clan, according to Peoples Magazine.

Could Blake Lively be bringing the hunk Ryan Reynolds to the east coast?  Rumor has it the pair have been spotted around Greenwich, Connecticut.  Hmmmm shopping for a lovenest perhaps?  Lively is the one with the ties to Connecticut, Ryan Reynolds seems to be happy enough to oblige his new girl and make an effort to keep her comfortable.

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