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Mr. Mom Meets Stay-At-Home-Dad

We have all seen the movie “Mr. Mom” at one time or another.  We’ve read or watched the news or maybe we even know of someone that is a “Stay-at-Home dad.”  It seems to be a new trend in households

Thanksgiving Day 2012 | Stories Inspiring Thanks

Sitting here on the eve of Thanksgiving Day 2012, 2 pm EST, I realize I have no plans for a day that so many Americans celebrate despite their religious backgrounds.  Despite lacking official plans for Thanksgiving Day 2012 I decided

Back to School From a Dad’s Perspective

It’s that time of year again when the kids are back to school.  That means driving them to and from school and those after school activities.  Don’t forget about the weekend trips to the mall or the ballpark. Back to

Stay At Home Dad Meets Mr. Mom

stay-at-home dad

Stay At Home Dad A story about one man who finds the joy when he is forced to exit the corporate world and become a stay at home dad aka Mr. Mom Stay at home dad refers to the lifestyle