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We give you the definitive site. Coverage on breaking news, world news, general news, including topics in multimedia and daily trends, The BQB is on it. There are many places to get news on the internet. From our favorite traditional newspaper and television station websites, to other fake news sites, gossip sites, and guilty pleasures, there is a wide array of content designed for the introvert, extrovert, and anywhere in between. We strive to give the best of all these worlds, one article at a time.

We give personality. Anyone can report the news. We choose to report it with intelligent sensibility. Our writers are well-versed in their fields, armed with both academic and professional experience in which to create high quality material. There is nothing worse than a writer without genuine and sincere motivation. We believe that the more heart and soul a writer puts into it, the better quality it will be.

We give the best quality buzz. Like you, we want to read concise, interesting, and striking stories that are relevant to our lives.

We look at strong sources from around the globe to find news that matters. Informative yet entertaining, factual and engaging, and all while getting you the buzz you’ve been looking for as soon as it happens. Our staff of talented writers challenge our readers to offer feedback sparking a network of conversation. If you like The BQB, then please put our link under your “favorites” and share us with others.

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