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All Lives Matter!

I read an article (see enclosed) where former World Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. feels that “All Lives Matter.”  At a Mayweather Promotions event, Mayweather used his platform as a means to give his opinion and bring us all together. “It’s not

Taking lives,another sensless shooting

This past weekend we had another horrible shooting, this time at a mall in Columbia MD, leaving three people dead including the shooter.  This shooting is just another senseless act among our society when gun control and current laws seem

Mayan Apocalypse December 21 2012 Two Month Countdown Begins

Mayan Apocalypse December 21 2012 aka The End of The World As I sat down this morning to check emails and catch up on some news, I came across an article mentioning that today is the official two-month countdown to

Linsanity Causes Spirit Airlines To Go Just Plane Linsane!

Whats all the Linsanity about?  Who else could it be but the Knicks hot shot Jeremy Lin.  Spinning words What do you think when you see commercials using “Linsane” or “Linsanity” as part of their sales technique? Spirit Airlines did

Dating Women Who Define The Different Degrees of Crazy

Dating Crazy Women How to Measure Degrees of Crazy When Dating Women So here is a theory I heard about crazy women and the dudes dating them.  Crazy women are more “fun”.  Listen its not the only time I have

Let’s Be Honest About Dating It Sucks

About Dating Today Let’s Be Honest About Dating It Sucks Let’s be honest about dating, no matter how old you are it sucks.  The truth about dating is that it doesn’t discriminate, its never racist and it has no prejudice,

Talk about charming, Braxton Hotel in Washington, D.C. takes the prize

Braxton Hotel in Washington, D.C. takes the prize One factor everyone considers when taking a vacation or trip is their budget.  Whether it’s sightseeing, shopping or lounging at the pool, travelers these days are watching what they spend.  The last

7-year-old Driver Arrested & Charged in PJ’s

7-year-old driver arrested

7-Year-Old Driver arrested in Michigan after 20 mile chase with police.

Qantas Workers Strike by Only Using Left Hand

The airline industry is no stranger to financial problems with fuel costs keeping tensions high for the managers working to keep fares low and consumers happy. Unfortunately for Qantas, rising costs have led to concerns of outsourcing and an ongoing

Willie Nelson : “The Troublemaker” Not Yet Off the Hook

Country crooner Willie Nelson may face jail time if Hudspeth County Judge Becky Dean-Walker has anything to do with it. Nelson was arrested November 26th last year while traveling through Texas.  Border control agents conducting a routine stop at a check

CBS Had Fake Fireworks Show

Unfortunately, you just can’t believe what you see on TV these days. Amazingly enough, CBS producers of the 4th of July fireworks show in Boston decided they needed to add some Hollywood magic to give the fireworks extra flair. By

Cake Boss Costar Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault

Popular television series Cake Boss, which airs on cable television network TLC, is getting a lot of attention recently… negative attention. The show’s ex-costar, Remegio “Remy” Gonzalez, pled guilty to two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a minor on

Ryan Dunn RIP, One Jackass Who Made Girls Laugh so Hard They Cried

“Today I lost my brother Ryan Dunn. My heart goes out to his family and his beloved Angie RIP Ryan, I love you buddy.”- Johnny Knoxville via Twitter On June 20, 2020 heaven decided they needed a Jackass and not

Southwest Pilot Suspended For Off-Color Words

Southwest has been in the news for good news (lower fares) and then just this morning, not-so-good-news with a problem with one of their pilots. The popular airline says it has suspended a pilot after he went on an obscenity-laden

Dexter Isaac Claiming “I shot Tupac Shakur ”

LOS ANGELES, CA— A man currently serving a life sentence is claiming to be the gunman behind the un-solved 1994 shooting of rapper Tupac Shakur, the incident that ignited the famed East Coast / West Coast hip-hop war that would

Anthony Weiner Resigns Breaking News

Anthony Weiner

Rep. Anthony Weiner is stepping down according to the New York Times who was first with the breaking news this morning.  The Associated Press followed in close pursuit, confirming Weiner’s departure from Congress.   Scheduled to announce his resignation at a

Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal, Should He Resign?

Have you ever been involved in sexting? Congressman Anthony Weiner has and may have to resign from his position because of it. Rumors have been circulating around Anthony Weiner and his alleged involvement with sexting for years now. Why all

Tracy Morgan’s anti-gay rant

Even in a comedy club, there are things you just can’t say. While comedians love to try to push the bar on material and keep things edgy, some comics unwittingly cross the line, and this is what happened at a