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The Lobster: A Weird Movie about True Love

  Movie Review: The Lobster This film is easy to hate. This is a film I highly do NOT recommend, but I did enjoy it. You know how you watch a movie like Schindler’s List, and recognize how great it

Is Taylor Swift a Racist for the “Wildest Dreams” Video?

On Sunday, Swift released her newest music video off her 1989 album, “Wildest Dreams,” which has been viewed more than 12 million times in less than three days. However, entertainment news reporters have criticized it for mainly having white actors despite

Star Trek Into the Darkness NYC Premiere (VIDEO)

Holly Robin catches up with celebrity guests as well as two of the stars from Star Trek Into the Darkness

The Great Gatsby Movie My Cup of Tea Old Sport!

 The Great Gatsby Movie Review The Great Gatsby teased my eyes almost a year ago to this day I believe.  Just to think The Great Gatsby, the only book I actually enjoyed reading in high school was about to take

Huell Howser Dead: An “Amazing” Icon

Huell Howser Dead: An “Amazing” Icon Huell Howser, beloved TV show host and producer of “California’s Gold” passed away Monday morning from natural causes. I would argue that Howser is a very distinct personality for show-business since hosts tend to

Entertainment Company to Open In Lebanon, MO

Forget Santa Clause!  An entertainment company is coming to town!  Cerulean Entertainment may be opening in the small city of Lebanon, MO.  Founder and CEO Andrew Matthews is in negotiations with some well-known names in Missouri. If the negotiations go

The Troubles of Connecting with People: RSVPs, SPAM, and FB

You would expect that these days with all the advances in technology it would be so easy to connect with people. Ten years ago, most of us didn’t even have to use a pay phone to connect with someone anymore;

Divorce Taking a Look at TomKat

When we hear about people getting divorced, celebrities or not, we get more and more desensitized. The Tom Cruise story is sad because he was so passionate about her (publicly) at the beginning, however we all should be that passionate

Ryan Reynolds Brings Blake Lively Home to Mom

Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds has caused me to write some Perez Hilton style gossip on the BQB.  I have to say, Ryan Reynolds is one of the finest actors out there and I genuinely do believe him to be a

Maurice Sendak Passes Away Age 83 [VIDEO]

Maurice Sendak Author of Where the Wild Things Are, passes away at age 83 “It is rare for an artist to remain beloved throughout his lifetime. Attitudes shift and tastes evolve. As they do, even hallowed creators and entertainers watch

Jermaine Paul Crowned King of NBC’s The VOICE

Who won NBC’s hit vocal competition show The Voice? Jermaine Paul. I said, straight up, that Juliet Simms should’ve won. I still do, but alas, I was wrong. I put Tony Lucca and Chris Mann as 3rd and/or 4th. I

The Voice Recap Final Four

Who is going to win NBC’s hit vocal competition show “The Voice”? I say, straight up, that Juliet Simms should win. I’ll get back to that point in a moment, but first I should give you the rundown under the

KIM KARDASHIAN Future Mayor of Glendale?

Kim Kardashian and the word Mayor in the same sentence without talk of a scandal?  Yep! When I first read about the possibility of the famous reality TV star going into politics I could only think about how strange that sounds.

Morning Shows | Today Show Vs. Good Morning America

Morning Shows Today Show and Good Morning America aka GMA While NBC has been the king in terms of morning shows with the Today show, it has been widely reported that Good Morning America is nudging up in the ratings

2012 Oscars: BQB Highlights of the Fashion and Films

2012 oscars

2012 Oscars The 2012 Oscars. Here is a ceremony that is in some ways like the Super Bowl. I was making chit-chat with a woman earlier today and asked if she watched it. She replied that she did but she

Commercials | Even the Super Bowl is a Time Filler

Super Bowl commercials, like every year, have gained press for their fantastic expense, celebrity involvement, or overall artistic value. This year, I even saw ads promoting a company’s Super Bowl commercial! The Super Bowl commercials followed the formula of past

New Years Eve A Night of Second Chances

New Years Eve New Years Eve.  One day to make mistakes, break hearts, find love, leave behind the past while you reinvent the future, drink until you can’t stand, wear goofy glasses, sport ridiculous hats and oh yes, where the

Betty White Turns 90 and other Celebrity Birthdays

Betty White 90th Birthday Celebrity birthdays include Jim Carrey at age 50, Muhammad Ali at age 70, and Betty White at age 90. Many of us are likely aware of White’s birthday due to her tribute special on NBC last

Golden Globes AKA The Ricky Gervais Brutal Joke Show

Ricky Gervais

It’s pretty obvious why Ricky Gervais has been once again hired to host this formerly average and lackluster awards program. Last year, as you recall, a buzz was generated due to his harsh words and stinging jokes against Hollywood’s elite.