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Dog Stories Which Have Inspired Me

Dog Stories

Dog Stories For Anyone and Everyone Dog stories always find a place in my heart.  I have found recently that dogs are not only man’s best friend, but human kind’s greatest teachers.  Honestly I believe dog stories provide us with

The Voice Recap Final Four

Who is going to win NBC’s hit vocal competition show “The Voice”? I say, straight up, that Juliet Simms should win. I’ll get back to that point in a moment, but first I should give you the rundown under the

Morning Shows | Today Show Vs. Good Morning America

Morning Shows Today Show and Good Morning America aka GMA While NBC has been the king in terms of morning shows with the Today show, it has been widely reported that Good Morning America is nudging up in the ratings

The Voice to Dancing How to Pick a Reality Talent Show

  It seems that the Talent Show, The Voice is giving American Idol a run for its money. Meanwhile Dancing with the Stars will be screaming for attention but will hardly be able to generate enough buzz to keep with

Super Bowl XLVI : Supporting the Economy

The big game will kick off Feb. 5 at 6:30pm ET in Indianapolis on NBC and the spending in preparation for the event has been high. According to a new survey by the National Retail Federation’s Retail Advertising and Marketing

Betty White Turns 90 and other Celebrity Birthdays

Betty White 90th Birthday Celebrity birthdays include Jim Carrey at age 50, Muhammad Ali at age 70, and Betty White at age 90. Many of us are likely aware of White’s birthday due to her tribute special on NBC last

New NBC comedy Up All Night

What happens when it’s not all about you?  The new NBC comedy Up All Night premiering Wednesday Sept. 21st at 8:00p, starring Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph takes a look into “Modern Parenthood” with the role reversal where

America’s Got Talent Finale Rundown

Tuesday night America’s Got Talent pitted four of the best acts of this past season against each other in a battle for the million-dollar grand prize. The four finalists — one singer, one pop group and two dance teams —

America’s Got Talent Selects the Final Four

America’s Got Talent

After viewing ten talented acts Tuesday night, America’s Got Talent fans voted and sent through the four top acts of the evening. The acts America voted through to the finale have delivered consistently all season, and Tuesday night these performers

America’s Got Talent Top Ten Take the Stage

  More than 100,000 acts auditioned for America’s Got Talent. Over the past several months, in what is generally considered one of the most competitive seasons ever, the American viewing public and the “America’s Got Talent” judges have winnowed the

America’s Got Talent Finalists Revealed


America’s Got Talent revealed their finalists last Wednesday after a record rating episode showcased them Tuesday. Seven acts were sent packing and five got the go ahead to move on during the America’s Got Talent semifinals. Tuesday night’s competition was stiff, but

America’s Got Talent Semifinal Results

Wednesday night “America’s got Talent” announced the five winners of the first round of the semifinals. In what may have been one of the most competitive evenings in the show’s six-year history, twelve acts duke it out on Tuesday night,

Tonight Show vs. Daily Show

Who leads late night television? While most would expect Leno’s ‘Tonight Show’ to earn higher ratings than Jon Stewart’s ‘The Daily Show,’ it seems that a new report could put NBC and Comedy Central in stiff competition. For the first

The Voice: Puffy Positive and Super Sweet

As someone who just recently got into American Idol (this past season), it is difficult to get into another voice competition program. If it was hard for me, I imagine it was tough for those that have been following Idol