Betty White Turns 90 and other Celebrity Birthdays

Betty White 90th Birthday

Celebrity birthdays include Jim Carrey at age 50, Muhammad Ali at age 70, and Betty White at age 90. Many of us are likely aware of White’s birthday due to her tribute special on NBC last night. How good it must have felt for her to see her work through the years praised by stars of back in the day as well as modern comedy superstars. It’s hard for us to think about getting that old, let alone still being funny or entertaining at such a later stage in life.

Betty White must have good genes because she seems just as healthy and mobile as she did back when I first saw her in shows the Golden Girls. She doesn’t look 20 years older and, more importantly, she doesn’t look like she has undergone mass amounts of plastic surgery. Meanwhile celebrities such as Matt LeBlanc, only a mere 44 years old, are already showing some gray. (Some people age better than others)

Betty White appears to be a happy person, and perhaps that is her secret. Here is a woman who always seems to just do what she loves to do—working as an actress and doing philanthropy with animals.

As far as tribute specials go, it was done well and fairly tasteful. Amy Poehler started things off with a funny monologue that pointed out how age-related jokes are inevitable for an event such as this, but, despite being obvious, can still be hilarious and welcomed. Poehler, according to Wiki, was born in the same town (Newton, MA) as Matt LeBlanc, coincidentally. At age 40, she might see herself as just a kid, for she could have another 50+ years ahead of her if she is as fortunate in her career as White.

As I mentioned at the top of the article, Jim Carrey is 50. Isn’t it weird to think of Ace Ventura as a 50-year-old? Maybe they will make another sequel with a bunch of senior jokes, showing a post-50 Ventura still doing his thing? I suppose that might be funny if he waits another 10 years to do something like that. Although it could be interpreted as, “has he ran out of money?”

One of the most famous voices in the movie industry is James Earl Jones, who turns 81. Maury Povich is 73 and Steve Harvey is 55.

All of these celebrities may be at different stages of their life, and the work they produce may change as a result. Betty White, however doesn’t seem to fall into that category.

Betty White proves that you don’t have to look like Joan Rivers to be an aging celebrity and still look “good.” She proves that comedy doesn’t ever have to age. She proves that retirement doesn’t have to be 65, 85, or even 95. If you like what you do and you are good at it, then more power to you.

Maybe there is a whole other story to Betty White that I know nothing about, but it would seem like she is doing something that I would want to do: lead a full, meaningful, and happy life in which not only are you in fine company with your peers, but you are in positive spirits with yourself.

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