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How to Vote for the Right Politician: My Fantastic Advice

Who has substance?    This is the question I am always asking myself when I watch the different players in the current politics game. I suggest you do the same. In a world full of sound bytes and snappy quips

World Leaders and Humor: Putin and Obama

What is the leadership culture of a World Leader? Looking at leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama, we see how humor (or lack thereof) can play a part in the communication process.  Leadership and humor are two things

Romney and Obama: Who is telling the truth?

Now here is the problem: If you go to Obama’s website, it clearly details his plan and argues why Romney is a horrible choice and explains his poor record as governor of Massachusetts. If you go to Romney’s website, it

Obama and Romney conclude presidential debates

After watching the Presidential debate last night, I came to a few conclusions; neither guy is fully capable in all areas required of a president.  Romney used his economic stance as governor along with balancing budgets for the private sector

Vice Presidential Debate Can Democrats Rebound?

Vice Presidential Debate

Reuters claims,  the U.S. vice presidential debate on Thursday grabbed voters’ attention but appeared to change few hearts in the capital of Ohio, a state that might hold the key to victory in the November 6 election. But was Vice President

Political Campaign or Popularity Contest?

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Political Campaign Every politician is involved in some sort of political campaign aka political agenda.  Isn’t it annoying when the fact-checkers find lies in the politician’s speech and the politician just moves on like nothing ever happened—as if

President Obama From Strong Leader to Slow Jam [VIDEO]

President Obama recently gave a speech at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner  and it included his characteristic humor and wit. I love to see high-powered leaders using the skill of comedy. Whether you think President Obama is a bad

Why War? What is War? Politics of War aka Purpose | Part 1

Politics Of War Why war? What is war?  Well every war has two things, a purpose and a price.  Now listen I am not against the war, instead I want to better understand where it comes from.  What do my

Mitt Romney | The Wealthy vs. Everyone Else

Mitt Romney is not relatable to the average Joe unless the average Joe can say he knows people who own NASCAR teams or can wager 10 grand without blinking an eye. It is interesting that Romney is one of the

Roseanne Barr Running For President via Green Party

Roseanne Barr Running For President Roseanne Barr is running for President of the United States.  Yes, you read that right. Not president of the Screen Actors Guild or some show business-type thing, but president of the USA. As I wait

Mitt Romney : A Focus On The Middle Class, Or A Lack Of Focus On The Poor?

Mitt Romney

  Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has caught some backlash from some poorly worded sentences he has uttered, some of which make him seem out of touch with those that are in economic hard times. This, of course, could be a

Obama Wants The Rich To Pay 30% In Taxes

Obama Wants The Rich To Pay 30% In Taxes

  There’s been a lot of buzz about Obama wanting to reform the tax code for those that make a million bucks or more a year. The idea here is that if you make more money, you should pay more

South Carolina Primary Since 1980

South Carolina Primary Voting Begins at 7 PM (12:00 GMT) That’s right the South Carolina Primary voting is just hours away and people are saying its a tight race.  Well let’s see, in the South Carolina Primary you have Newt

Herman Cain Continues to Blow Smoke Despite Scandal

Herman Cain Herman Cain first real scandal of 2012 presidential race In what appears to be the first real “scandal” of the 2012 presidential election, Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, is being accused of “Inappropriate sexual behavior,” an accusation that

Presidential Candidates 2012 Democrats, Republicans and More

Presidential Candidates 2012 Socialist, Democrats, Libertarian, Republicans all have Presidential Candidates Is it the media or the presidential candidates making this next election the hottest topic in the news?  The United States presidential election of 2012 is to be held

Congress Super Committee Begins Deliberations

congress super committee

The Presidential Debate is a little over a year away and Congress has a new Super Committee in town. Discussions are flaring across the media regarding members and anticipated course of action of the 12 members.

Pearl Harbor and 9/11: History Doesn’t Repeat Itself

It was a transforming event for the countless people who witnessed it, for our country and for the world. The date of September 11, 2020 will stand in infamy for generations to come, along side December 7, 2020, the date

Congress and The Debt Deal Destroying America’s Economy

Congress finally did it. The debt ceiling has been raised for the 74th time in United States history. Requiring compromise from the Democrats and Republicans this process has been hard. Now what will happen to the economy?

Roseanne Barr Running for President

Yes, you read the headline right, Roseanne is running for President of the United States of America. Making the announcement last night on “The Tonight Show,” the former sitcom star, who now has a reality show focusing on her macadamia