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Eating Disorders and Osama bin Laden

Eating Disorders and Osama bin Laden    How can one possibly equate an eating disorder with an infamous terrorist?   You might have an eating disorder if…   You think some foods are evil? Really?  My friend is a health

The Leadership of Frustration

The Leadership of Frustration How do you respond to frustration? Doesn’t it seem inevitable that certain things in life ultimately make us stressed out, annoyed, or even hostile?  Here is an interesting perspective on the subject worth thinking about, which

Quit Smoking Lose Weight? WEIGHT A MINUTE!

How I Quit Smoking and Lost Weight Without Trying Getting healthy on one aspect means getting unhealthy on another.  Is this true?  When you quit smoking, you gain fat-excuse me, I gained fat.  I’m not speaking on behalf of Americans,

Anxiety Disorder Symptoms of a Silent Thief

This brief message introduces a series about Anxiety Disorder.  Stay tuned for a more personal experience. Everyone experiences stress and anxiety at one time or another in life. The difference between them is that stress is a response to a

Milk How to Find the Right Non Dairy Option

These days you don’t just see cow’s milk at the grocery store. You see a slew of products that include “Almond Milk,” “Soy Milk,” “Coconut Milk,” and even others like oat milk, rice milk, and hemp milk. Of course these

Marijuana Pot’s Potential for Medicinal Use

Marijuana and Medicine Every year on April 20th aka 420, regardless of whether I smoke or not, one thing comes to mind, National Weed Day.  That’s right on 420 Afroman’s “Because I Got High” is blasted around dorm rooms, in

Weight Gain Solutions and Supplements

Weight Loss Management Weight gain can occur due to many different reasons.  Diet plans, fat loss, diet foods, these are all terms everyone is familiar with at one point in their lives.  Are you battling weight gain yourself?  Perhaps you

Probiotics and My Inflammatory Bowel Disease

I first heard of probiotics through women I worked with at an office back in 2009.  They were doing some sort of intense diet/cleanse.  Well probiotics is more than just a method of cleansing your body; they actually act as

Anti-Aging or Pro-Aging? Should Be About Coping Not Medicine

Anti-Aging Anti-aging is a phrase we see everywhere. From cosmetics and health products to plastic surgery and other medical procedures, we are in an age of trying to stay young forever. An article in the Washington Post interviews Nortin Hadler,

DSM 5: The debate over what is a “mental illness”


Science shouldn’t be a term used loosely. It should, at minimum, be indicative of using a definitive method which includes observation, ask a question, form a hypothesis, analyze results, control groups, statistical methods, case study, and/or other avenues to come

Teens Try Alternative to Cigarette Smoking: Mini Cigars

Mini Cigars Alternative to Cigarettes Unfortunately ‘alternative’ doesn’t mean better for your health. Flavored mini cigars are becoming in style among teens who may think that these are less harsh to one’s lungs or easier to consume than regular tobacco

Plan B aka The Morning After Pill Abortion Without a Prescription?

plan B pill

Plan B aka The Morning After Pill The Plan B pill is always a highly controversial issue because it ultimately comes down to the abortion argument. The FDA may soon relax the restrictions placed on obtaining the Plan B drug

Garlic No Good For Vampires But Great For Human Heart

Garlic Natural Antioxidant

With the Twilight movies, vampires are once again getting into the spotlight. A vampire film gives health writers an excuse to share the health properties of garlic, a food traditionally taboo in the vampire world. While Twilight writer Stephenie Meyer

Starbucks Conquered Coffee Next Reinvent Juicing

Starbucks Starts Juicing Starbucks has become the definition of the ubiquitous store. Comedian Lewis Black even did a bit about how he saw a Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks, which, according to him, was the end of the

Pomegranate Produces New Study on Anti-Aging

Pomegranate Anti-Aging Fruit Pomegranate is another fruit that has been shown to have health benefits. An always popular topic these days is trying to look and feel younger. Since we have yet to find the fountain of youth, the best

Acne Smartphone App Can Help Clear Your Pimples

Smart phone

Acne Smartphone App Can an acne smartphone app clear your face? There’s now an acne smartphone app, making it official, there is an app for almost everything.  When I first heard of the acne smartphone app the first thought that

Teen Drug Abuse Now Involves Gummy Bears

Teen Drug Abuse Teens, Gummy Bears, and Vodka equal drug abuse Just when you think you figured out the teen drug abuse problem, teenagers think up a new way to get high. I heard on a local news report the

Sex Injuries

One form of teaching abstinence could be to share stories with teenagers about bad experiences that could result from sexual interaction. For example, a study found that sex outside marriage, and sex that occurs under out-of-the-norm circumstances, may increase the

Homeopathic Flu Remedies and Alternatives

With the 2011 flu season approaching it is urgent that people understand the difference between homeopathic flu remedies and the flu shot. Homeopathic flu remedies open the door for your immune system to strengthen rather than rely on unnatural