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American Freedom Fighters Stories | In the Army

American Freedom Fighters In the Army, Story of US Army SGT Steven Gallucci American Freedom Fighters aka the United States military is broken up into different branches, each distinguished by specific uniforms, training and physical demands.  However every one of those American Freedom Fighters are

Operation Enduring Freedom Calling All Soldier Stories

Operation Enduring Freedom, so we are what operating to continue freedom?  Lasting freedom?  Honestly this Operation Enduring Freedom is nothing more than a perfect title to a political war.  While America continues to be free, what is the price she

True Price of War Costs Human Lives, Forget Counting Dollars

Dust and sand, agitated by the choppers blades, dance in chaos around the khaki Bates boots, our boys doing all they can to shield their faces, for as they know the price of war in Iraq is heavy.  Sure the

Why War? What is War? Politics of War aka Purpose | Part 1

Politics Of War Why war? What is war?  Well every war has two things, a purpose and a price.  Now listen I am not against the war, instead I want to better understand where it comes from.  What do my

Military Families Pets Can Come Home on United Airlines

United Airlines No Longer Hiking Fares for Military Families to Fly Home Pets Military families are nomadic; it can be rough on the marriage, children and even pets.  But thanks to PetSafe, military families are not going to have to

Obama Gives Early Christmas Present to Soldiers and Their Families

U.S. troops

Obama Gives Early Christmas Present to Iraq Troops An early Christmas came to millions on Thursday when U.S. troops lowered the flag of command that flew over the Iraqi capital, carefully rolled it and cased it in camouflage in accordance

Air Force Dumps Remains of 274 Fallen Soldiers in Landfill

Air Force Dumps 274 Fallen Soldier Remains In Landfill One cannot even begin to put themselves in the shoes of Gari Lynn Smith, the NJ widow who uncovered the United States Air Force for least 274 service members into a

Military Deployment A Civilian’s Guide To Giving Back

Military Deployment How to Help Those Troops Deployed During Holidays Military deployment comes at the worst times, usually the holidays.  When it comes to our boys and girls the military deployment schedule does not follow the calendar year.  It seems

Veterans Day Honoring Military History and Heroes

Veterans Day Veterans Day, formally known as Armistice Day, was set aside as a day to remember and reflect upon the agreement that ended the fighting during the First World War.  With every minute that passes throughout Veterans Day there

Medal of Honor Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer

dakota meyer

Since 1863 the Medal of Honor has been awarded to 3458 recipients. Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer is the first living Marine to receive the award for extraordinary service and duty in the Iraq/Afghan war.

Pearl Harbor and 9/11: History Doesn’t Repeat Itself

It was a transforming event for the countless people who witnessed it, for our country and for the world. The date of September 11, 2020 will stand in infamy for generations to come, along side December 7, 2020, the date

In the Army the Stryker Brigade Combat Team

In the army the basic salary for a private with less than 2 years experience is around $17,611 according to When compared with the cast of the Jersey Shore, Snooki makes $10,000 for an hour appearance at a bar.

SEAL Team Six Aboard NATO Helicopter Crash

SEAL Team Six suffered 25 casualties out of the 31 American Troops killed on August 6 in Kabul, Afghanistan aboard NATO helicopter. Afghan officials say it is the war’s greatest single-incident loss of military lives.

Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) Against Civil Rights?

The Defense of Marriage Act also known as DOMA does not allow same-sex couples to receive the same benefits as heterosexual couples based on the definition of marriage being between a man and a wife on a federal level.

Leroy Petry Awarded the Medal of Honor

The war in Afghanistan has been raging for years. Many soldiers have been injured or have lost their lives in the struggle to defend our nation. Recently, a soldier was acknowledged for his sacrifice and service to our country. July

Military Service Dogs The History and Tails

Dogs are known for their loyalty, companionship and most importantly their ability to display unconditional love.  When it comes to working, dogs are known for their ability to guide the blind, assist the handicap and assume various positions within the

Navy SEALS Team Six Takes Down Osama bin Laden

First I would like to say this, after hearing the stories of men and women already getting called to serve their country in the aftermath of Osama bin Laden’s death, please say a prayer or give a thought today for

Iranian Warships Given permission To Use The Suez Canal

  Cairo, Egypt- Egyptian authorities have agreed to allow two Iranian naval ships passage through the Suez Canal on route to the Mediterranean Sea.  A decision that has Israeli officials showing some concern.  The Iranian defense ministry has stated that

Virtual War Reality Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Virtual Reality It appears that the Army is calling upon scientists at USC to create computer programs that may help people deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms from the war. Based on a program