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Christmas Spirit

My grandma used to visit my mom’s for Christmas every year and her stay was usually about two weeks.  I know she looked forward to this trip all year long because she would ask me if I was going to

Horoscopes and Their History Within Astrology

Horoscopes.  Falling into the broader category of astrology, I have to say I think there is something behind the  zodiac signs that rotate within our solar system. For me horoscopes may not play a major role in the daily activities

Social Living Best Scene in Sex and The City

Social Living When it comes to social living, Carrie Bradshaw I envy you.  Not because of your ability to go off and gallivant with your girlfriends, or because you seem to spend more money in one weekend then most writers make

Life As We Live It Yet What is Really Standing in Our Way?

Work is demanding. There is not enough time. I’m tired… run down… stressed out… I’ll do it tomorrow!  There always seems to be an excuse for why people don’t do the things they want to do. Life does have a

Stay At Home Dad Meets Mr. Mom

stay-at-home dad

Stay At Home Dad A story about one man who finds the joy when he is forced to exit the corporate world and become a stay at home dad aka Mr. Mom Stay at home dad refers to the lifestyle

Kamikaze Pilot Skull Found in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

PEarl Harbor skull

Recently in the murky waters of Pearl Harbor a human skull was found and is said to belong to a Japanese pilot from World War II known for his kamikaze style of flying.

A.I. Or In This Case Animal Intelligence

Animal intelligence may share the same abbreviation as Spielberg’s 2001 movie A.I. however it is anything but artificial.  A previous article, Animals and the Emotional Experience, delved into the fascinating world of animals and their emotions. The research regarding that topic exposed

Animals and the Emotional Experience

Animals are a wonderful addition to any household. Their adorable nature and unconditional love makes owning a pet rewarding. Most people love their animals- but do they love us back? Animal lovers would unequivocally say yes; however researchers are skeptical

CBS Had Fake Fireworks Show

Unfortunately, you just can’t believe what you see on TV these days. Amazingly enough, CBS producers of the 4th of July fireworks show in Boston decided they needed to add some Hollywood magic to give the fireworks extra flair. By

NASA Space Shuttle Launch Marks the End of an Era

The Atlantis shuttle launch marked the end of an era for NASA- a space shuttle era that is. The final launch of the shuttle program took-off July 8, 2020 at 11:29 a.m. EST from Launch Pad 39A at the Kennedy

Yellowstone Oil Spill Reeks Havoc on Residents

Oil spills seem to be popping up everywhere recently. The BP oil spill back in April of 2010 was of epic proportions and ravaged the Gulf of Mexico. That spill increased safety concerns regarding drilling and prompted new regulations to

Man Killed by Grizzly Bear at Yellowstone

If you are hiking in the woods and you see a bear, what do you do? Do you run? Last Wednesday a grizzly bear attacked and killed a 57-year-old-man in Yellowstone National Park. While bear attacks are relatively rare, it

Independence Day and Our Armed Forces

The United States of America; no other country is like it. As our Independence Day approaches one cannot help but have a sense of pride about all our country has achieved. America is not just a country; it’s an idea…

Natural Disasters Test America’s Nuclear Power Plants

Natural disasters are spreading like wildfire both literally and figuratively when it comes to nuclear power plants in the United States. The media seems to be flooded with stories focusing on these natural disasters and the threat they pose on

Kidney Stones and Calcium Supplements

Most people know that kidney stones are up there with some of those painful experiences humans can fathom, and build-up of calcium deposits is partly to blame. Meanwhile, women of a certain age are encouraged to take calcium supplements to

Military Service Dogs The History and Tails

Dogs are known for their loyalty, companionship and most importantly their ability to display unconditional love.  When it comes to working, dogs are known for their ability to guide the blind, assist the handicap and assume various positions within the

USS Carl Vinson Returns to San Diego

Coronado, CA- It was a sweet and emotional homecoming today as family members welcomed home their loved ones from the USS Carl Vinson as it returns to port at the NAS (Naval Air Station) North Island in Coronado, Ca. The

Writing Contest

Writing Contests are not few and far between, on the contrary there are many to choose from, where it gets tricky is figuring out which ones are legitimate.  As a writer for The BQB I can personally say when people

Memorial Day Salute

Memorial Day is known for the beginning of summer, barbeques, and beach traffic.  Originally declared Decoration Day, Memorial Day was supposed to be a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. There are over two