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Mike Bromberg

Michael  Bromberg

Mike Bromberg recently finished a master’s degree in communication studies in Northern California. Mike tends to write articles about leadership, comedy, entertainment, health and technology. Check out his site at for speaking engagements or just to say hi.  Mike is an award winning public speaker and active volunteer. He started a fraternity during college and has worked as a counselor at a suicide hotline. Currently he is writing his first book on leadership and humor, participating in the local acting community, and giving talks to local organizations about leadership and comedy. Follow him on twitter @brombizzle

Holly Clark





Holly Robin Clark [email protected] / [email protected]

“Words can truly heal the human soul and I believe that I was given the gift to write to do just that.  Everything happens for a reason and sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.  My dream in life is to write and be recognized for my work. Always ask the questions that no one wants to answer.” -Holly Robin Clark
This little New Yorker has an innate thirst for knowledge, allowing her to cover three sides of a story regardless of what the popular media puts out there.
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