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Nightcrawler Business Leadership

Nightcrawler Business Leadership    A thriller that tells the story of a young entrepreneur?   Nightcrawler, AKA “How to find opportunities in business leadership”   So what are some lessons in business told in this film?  Entrepreneurship is not a theme

How to have good credit

How to have good credit! What’s in your wallet? You’ve seen those commercials with Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon. Haven’t seen them? Well you at least have a credit card or at least know somebody who does. If you don’t

Financial Freedom: Leadership on Acid (part 5)

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom: Leadership on Acid (part 5) I know I know, you have heard the term ‘financial freedom’ way too much and it has become cliché, which is a shame (blame the so-called Gurus!)  but I have a legitimate point to make:

Leadership and the Holidays: Commercial Optimism

How do you use leadership during the holidays? As we get into the holiday season, we think about turkeys (or tofurkeys), Santa Claus, Jingle Bells, and perhaps most prominently, buying or selling gifts. Marketers do their very best to single

Cerulean Entertainment Company Next Disney?

Entertainment Company to Open In Lebanon, MO Forget Santa Clause!  An entertainment company is coming to town!  Cerulean Entertainment may be opening in the small city of Lebanon, MO.  Founder and CEO Andrew Matthews is in negotiations with some well

The Fleecing of America: Raising Alpacas for Tax Breaks

What do alpacas and tax breaks have in common? Yes, you read that right. It turns out that people are learning that if they use their land to raise alpacas, they will save thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands of

Super Bowl XLVI : Supporting the Economy

The big game will kick off Feb. 5 at 6:30pm ET in Indianapolis on NBC and the spending in preparation for the event has been high. According to a new survey by the National Retail Federation’s Retail Advertising and Marketing

Obama Wants The Rich To Pay 30% In Taxes

Obama Wants The Rich To Pay 30% In Taxes

  There’s been a lot of buzz about Obama wanting to reform the tax code for those that make a million bucks or more a year. The idea here is that if you make more money, you should pay more

Eastman Kodak Smile! Kodak Files for Bankruptcy


The pioneer manufacturer of cameras and film, Eastman Kodak Co filed for bankruptcy on Thursday in a bid to survive the liquidity crisis after years of falling sales. The company said it had also obtained a $950 million, 18-month credit

Lindsay Lohan Owes 93K in Taxes : Tax Tips for us all!


  We’ve heard stories before about celebrities owing big money to Uncle Sam and it may come as no surprise that Hollywood troublemaker Lindsay Lohan was reported by TMZ as being in the red with her federal taxes from 2009.

Writing a Resume 10 Things to Avoid

Writing a Resume 10 Things to Avoid Putting on Your Resume Writing a resume is hard.  For every job you seek, another resume has to be written.  Finding a specific job involves writing a resume selling yourself for that position.

Regular Bank Fees Equal Good News for Online Banks

Bank Fees Bank of America forcing customers to pay bank fees Regular bank fees might be good news for online banks, but what about those of us that want a physical place to go and get money? Not too long

Bank of America 800 Number Tips and Tricks

Bank of America Bank of America 800 Number | Bank of America Home Loan Ever try to navigate the Bank of America 800 number?  Or what about CitiBank, Capital One and Chase?  All are big name banks, handling accounts, loans

The Extinction of Paper Books

It’s hard to believe how plausible it is becoming that old-fashioned books may soon be just as obsolete as VHS tapes, regular (non-flatscreen) televisions, and other items that your kids will soon be asking, “Daddy, what’s that?” as if they

College Rankings Don’t believe the hype

We’ve all seen the famous lists of college rankings that U.S. News puts out every year and for the masses of prospective students shopping around for their ideal institution, U.S. News has become the Consumer Reports of education. People put

Cost of Pasta Going Up

The economy has been rough over the past few years. Many of us have had to live on the cheap and cut corners wherever possible. Thank goodness for inexpensive foods like pasta, right? Usually for a buck, you can get

Great Recession Take 2 Coming Soon

America’s economy is in a downward spiral. It went from being stagnant to outright volatile.A recession is defined as a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced. states, “Professionals and experts around

Unemployment Up, Jobs Down!

The American economy isn’t improving; in fact it seems to be getting worse. Millions of American’s are being affected by this crisis and are desperately searching for ways to support themselves and their families. With unemployment numbers rising, these opportunities

Do Early Bookings Mean Cheaper flights?

Most people would think when booking a flight, the earlier the better. While this often is the case, the price of flights fluctuate so much that it isn’t uncommon for fares to decrease days after your purchase. Although he agrees