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How to have good credit

How to have good credit! What’s in your wallet? You’ve seen those commercials with Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon. Haven’t seen them? Well you at least have a credit card or at least know somebody who does. If you don’t

Groupon should follow Google: Leadership on Acid (part 7)

Groupon should follow Google: Leadership on Acid (part 7) Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN), the daily deal website that has gained intense popularity since its inception in 2008, is now almost as ubiquitous as Facebook. One can only wonder if it will continue

Financial Freedom: Leadership on Acid (part 5)

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom: Leadership on Acid (part 5) I know I know, you have heard the term ‘financial freedom’ way too much and it has become cliché, which is a shame (blame the so-called Gurus!)  but I have a legitimate point to make:

Financial Freedom Bromberg’s How To

Isn’t it amazing that some people can talk about finances for hours? Even though there are a gazillion books on financial management, likely hundreds of more books are being published as we speak and I would think everything has already

Switching to Banking Online? Banks Use Autopay Defense

Banking Online Alternative to Bank Fees will be Online Banking Banking online sure seems appealing with all these new bank fees being initiated.  With some banks gaining negative attention for charging fees for previously free services such as using a

Congress Indecision Causes US Credit Rating to Drop

Standard & Poor dropped America’s credit rating from AAA to AA+, claiming the "political brinksmanship" shows American leadership is "less stable, less effective, and less predictable." The recent ambivalence of government officials has made the agency wary of America’s ability

American Dollar Getting Ditched by IMF

american dollar

America’s debt crisis is causing the International Monetary Foundation (IMF) to contemplate replacing the United States dollar as the world’s reserve currency. More than the IMF is calling for a change in the global economy. China is also in

The Debt and The American Dollar

The debt in America is going out of control. Will Congress be able to fix it before its too late?

Billionaires gather in Arizona to discuss how to give away their money

TUSCON, AZ— Thursday and Friday marked the first gathering of the members of the Giving Challenge—a philanthropic mission started by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett that calls for the world’s richest people to pledge to give away at least half

FDIC seizes five more failed U.S. banks

WASHINGTON, DC— Another five U.S. banks were shut down by regulators on Friday, bringing the total number of closures in the country to 39 so far this year. Two of the seized banks are located in Florida—the First National Bank

Gold Hits All-Time High

New York, NY- Gold hit an all-time high last week, up 1% or $1,474.90 an ounce.  Several factors coming together at once have contributed to the record highs.  George Gero, a senior metals analyst at RBC Wealth Management said, “This

Southwest Airlines cancels over 300 flights Saturday and Sunday

ST. PETERSBURG, FL— Southwest Airlines canceled 300 flights for the second straight day Sunday, in the aftermath of Friday’s incident in which one of its Boeing 737s developed a hole in its fuselage mid-flight and had to make an emergency

Southwest airlines joining others in raising airfare prices:

  PHOENIX, AZ— As the price of oil rises across the board in the U.S., Southwest Airlines is joining the growing list of domestic airlines forced to raise the cost of airfare. The company—which carries more domestic passengers than any

Claims for Unemployment Insurance Fall as Stock Market Rises

  New York, NY-  New reports released say the number of claims filed for unemployment insurance is the lowest in almost three years as stated by the Labor Department.  A sign that the American economy and job market is recovering

Government Avoids Shutdown

  Washington, D.C.- In an effort to keep government offices open, the House has passed a two-week spending bill cutting federal spending by 4 billion.  The vote was backed by both democrats and the GOP originated bill with 231 Republicans

Wisconsin assembly hurriedly passes bill that takes away workers’ rights

  MADISON, WI— In a move reminiscent of a “trick play” in sports, Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly held a quick open-and-closed vote early Friday morning to pass the controversial measure that has caused over a week of protests at

Protests Continue For Sixth Straight Day At Wisconsin Capitol

MADISON, WI—  Protestors gathered for a sixth straight day at the Wisconsin Capital to continue their stance against the controversial bill sent forward by Republican Governor Scott Walker—which would cripple unions and eliminate the majority of public employees’ collective bargaining

Over 100 Medical Professionals Arrested In Latest Wave Of Medicare Fraud Busts:

In a massive bust covering nine U.S. cities, more than 100 medical professionals have been arrested and charged with fraud for illegally billing Medicare more than $225 million. The 111 suspects nabbed by federal authorities on Thursday were the latest