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Mardi Gras Now On This Blogger’s Bucket List

Mardi Gras! New Orleans, masks, costumes, parties, drinking, beer, beads and of course boobs.  But what puts Mardi Gras and this blogger’s bucket list?  I want the experience of submersing myself into a culture that is totally positive energy.  What

Columbus Day Celebrations of Italian American Culture

Before you look at Christopher Columbus, take a look at Columbus Day celebrations around the country and realize it is more of a holiday for Italian Americans to celebrate their culture here in America. Columbus Day is not meant

Great Recession Take 2 Coming Soon

America’s economy is in a downward spiral. It went from being stagnant to outright volatile.A recession is defined as a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced. Recession.org states, “Professionals and experts around

American Dollar Getting Ditched by IMF

american dollar

America’s debt crisis is causing the International Monetary Foundation (IMF) to contemplate replacing the United States dollar as the world’s reserve currency. More than the IMF is calling for a change in the global economy. China is also in

Super Congress in Old Congress Out

Compromise has become a dirty word amongst the United States Congress and our President.  The United States government has been based on a secure system of checks and balances. Its foundation is in place to prevent tyrannical leadership and protect

The Debt and The American Dollar

The debt in America is going out of control. Will Congress be able to fix it before its too late?