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Bees Essential For Human Species Survival

Have you heard about the Honey Bees crisis? Dan Rather and his investigative reporting team went out five years ago in search of an answer and what they found was Colony Collapse Disorder. Beekeepers are losing 30-50% of their

Congress Super Committee Begins Deliberations

congress super committee

The Presidential Debate is a little over a year away and Congress has a new Super Committee in town. Discussions are flaring across the media regarding members and anticipated course of action of the 12 members.

Great Recession Take 2 Coming Soon

America’s economy is in a downward spiral. It went from being stagnant to outright volatile.A recession is defined as a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced. Recession.org states, “Professionals and experts around

Congress Indecision Causes US Credit Rating to Drop

Standard & Poor dropped America’s credit rating from AAA to AA+, claiming the "political brinksmanship" shows American leadership is "less stable, less effective, and less predictable." The recent ambivalence of government officials has made the agency wary of America’s ability

Congress and The Debt Deal Destroying America’s Economy

Congress finally did it. The debt ceiling has been raised for the 74th time in United States history. Requiring compromise from the Democrats and Republicans this process has been hard. Now what will happen to the economy?

Super Congress in Old Congress Out

Compromise has become a dirty word amongst the United States Congress and our President.  The United States government has been based on a secure system of checks and balances. Its foundation is in place to prevent tyrannical leadership and protect

Anthony Weiner Resigns Breaking News

Anthony Weiner

Rep. Anthony Weiner is stepping down according to the New York Times who was first with the breaking news this morning.  The Associated Press followed in close pursuit, confirming Weiner’s departure from Congress.   Scheduled to announce his resignation at a

President Obama Budget Plans

President Obama started as a mediator between Congress and now fingers are pointing at him demanding answers for a plan to cut the national debt for the long-term future. Republicans want to raise the national debt limit, but after our