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College In Today’s Economy | School, University and The Job

College in today’s economy seems to be impossible to afford, while also not producing the results.  Forget about having a “dream college” the better goal should be having a “dream job” and so the best college in today’s economy would be

Life As We Live It Yet What is Really Standing in Our Way?

Work is demanding. There is not enough time. I’m tired… run down… stressed out… I’ll do it tomorrow!  There always seems to be an excuse for why people don’t do the things they want to do. Life does have a

Find Me a Job Campaign Slogan for 2012

Americans are saying find me a job and Wal-Mart is leaping into action. In a struggling economy Wal-Mart is finding ways to provide jobs in a dying market. Find out how they do it and if it will

Unemployment Up, Jobs Down!

The American economy isn’t improving; in fact it seems to be getting worse. Millions of American’s are being affected by this crisis and are desperately searching for ways to support themselves and their families. With unemployment numbers rising, these opportunities

President Obama Calls For Spending Plan For High-Speed Rails For U.S.:

Taiwan High Speed Rail

In his budget plan set to be released on Monday, President Barack Obama is including a six-year, $53 billion allotment for a high-speed rail, in step with a goal he stated during last month’s State of the Union address—when he