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Bromberg’s How to: Management

    I recently had a very odd and disturbing experience regarding a management issue. One person whom I oversee, we’ll call Joe, recently explained to me that I basically suck as a manager. Why not fire the person immediately?

All I want for Christmas is employment!

christmas unemployment

All I want for Christmas is a job As we approach Christmas, the news is all about shopping, celebration, cooking, movies, and anything that goes well with the holiday atmosphere.  Reporting about the economy normally may not seem like good Christmas

Writing a Resume 10 Things to Avoid

Writing a Resume 10 Things to Avoid Putting on Your Resume Writing a resume is hard.  For every job you seek, another resume has to be written.  Finding a specific job involves writing a resume selling yourself for that position.

Need a job? Thousands of seasonal jobs will be available!

As unemployment continues to be a problem throughout the country (9.1 percent) the idea of being able to get ANY job is extremely comforting especially to those who have been praying for a way to make some income and do

Find Me a Job Campaign Slogan for 2012

Americans are saying find me a job and Wal-Mart is leaping into action. In a struggling economy Wal-Mart is finding ways to provide jobs in a dying market. Find out how they do it and if it will

Unemployment Up, Jobs Down!

The American economy isn’t improving; in fact it seems to be getting worse. Millions of American’s are being affected by this crisis and are desperately searching for ways to support themselves and their families. With unemployment numbers rising, these opportunities