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Eastman Kodak Smile! Kodak Files for Bankruptcy


The pioneer manufacturer of cameras and film, Eastman Kodak Co filed for bankruptcy on Thursday in a bid to survive the liquidity crisis after years of falling sales. The company said it had also obtained a $950 million, 18-month credit

Housing Market Mortgages Bad Credit 101

Housing Market

America's Housing Market is in shambles as bad credit, bankruptcy take over and the best home loan owner no longer can be found. Mortgage application bad credit? It used to be ok, however not anymore. Home refinancing

Borders To Close Stores Nationwide After Filing For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy:

book store closes a third of their stores

Borders Group Inc.—the nation’s second-largest bookstore chain—said it’s planning to close roughly one-third of its bookstores after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier today. The move came as no surprise to financial analysts, as the company has suffered from major